Seth Rollins: Music Meets Wrestling

  Live events come in all shapes and sizes: concerts, sports games, fairs and festivals, and so much more. We all attend these for many reasons, but I believe the main one would be to go and experience a feeling. Letting loose, connecting with an audience, and being free are what we all thrive on there, and it connects us all. Whether it’s hearing your favorite song for the first time live, or seeing your favorite sports team win a title, there’s usually a good reason for you purchasing that ticket. This time around, I wanted to talk with someone who gets to feel that energy daily. If you’ve read my interviews and columns in the past, you know that I’m an avid music and wrestling fan. Now, who else could I find that also is embedded in both of those worlds? That’s easy of course; one of the greatest sports entertainers of our generation, the architect himself, Seth Rollins.

  Following Seth on socials for a few years now, I have come to find he is a huge music buff, and many of our tastes are the same. I had the opportunity to sit down with Seth recently following his sold-out appearance a iPlay America in Freehold, NJ. We chatted about what music he’s into now, the crossover between wrestling events and live music, and much more. Check it out below.

Seth, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me. Congrats on the sold-out event.

  Thanks so much I appreciate you coming through to chat.

Now, the reason I am here today — aside from being a fan of yours — is I know you are a big music guy!

  Yeah, man!

Being vocal on social media with bands that you support, staying in shape and being on the road, I am sure you listen to a lot of stuff. We all want to know, who is on Seth Rollin’s work out playlist right now?

  So many! A lot of the bands that I like recently released new albums, so I’ve got a solid rotation of about five records that I am working on right now. Ready?

Perfect, shoot!

  Okay, in no order: The Wonder Years’ new record Sister Cities, Parkway Drive’s Reverence, (and) This Wild Life’s Petaluma, if you’re a softy!

[Laughs] I am and love it.

  Also, State Champs’ new record, Living Proof, and last but not least Mayday Parade’s new one, Sunnyland. I am so happy with this one, I enjoyed their last two, but the self-titled was always my favorite. This new record is like a return to form for them, if you will. I love it!

We all love Mayday in Jersey, and they love us, hence the song [Laughs]. Great choices! Now, I must say, rock ‘n’ roll stars and bands night after night feed off the crowd’s energy for their performances. I think when the fans are into it, the show is always 10 times better for the performer. Would you say that is the same for you to enhance your performance night after night in the ring?

  Absolutely, 100 percent. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, and sometimes it’s hard to get that energy being on the road a lot. I think most of the time I get that energy right away when the curtains open, and I see all the people and their faces and excitement. There is a synergy there between us and the crowd, and that is exactly how I get to where I need to be. They bring it night after night, it’s an awesome feeling.

I can imagine, I’ve been to many live events as well as televised, and it must be such an adrenaline rush. Finally, as I know you have to get on the road, here is a question maybe you’d like to get asked more often. You’re always on the road, so many days a year. Let’s say the boss gave you a paid-day off; what would an ideal vacation day be for Seth Rollins?

  Oh man, that is a good question [Laughs]. There is an amazing eco hotel down in Mexico that I love to go to, and I’d like to take a trip down there if I could! Lounge on the beach, have some fish tacos, maybe a cerveza or two, and chill out in the sun!

Man, you’ve sold me as well. Let’s do it! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Seth. We look forward to hearing more about your career and music tastes in the future!

  Thanks, Maria!