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  Will someone please tell me why this is so hard? (THE FIGHT TO LEGALIZE WEED IN NJ CONTINUES – Issue: 5/30/18) Come on. Alcohol? They just legalized sports book gambling. This is obviously a held-over superstition from another time that holds us back from the progress made on marijuana medically and scientifically and quite frankly biologically. We now know that it is not as harmful as the propaganda suggested for decades and in many ways is a healthier choice than booze, especially when not smoked. The oils are magnificent and the edibles more so. The economy booms in other states. This always cracks me up when the hypocritical Trump Cult says, “Hey, the economy is doing great, who cares about Trump’s immortality!” And then when it comes to weed, “I know it will help the economy, but what about our morals!” I think you once dubbed it, “Selective Morality” with most things. Here it is.

            Sarah Mencken



  Of course this would be your crusade. Your progressive social side is the most bared over the years. I disagree with this one, mainly because there is no infrastructure to regulate it. How do we do it? Especially without the support of the federal government that is hostile towards it now. Actually, this federal government has gone above and beyond (unless it is supporting corporations or the rich) to come down hard on almost all state’s rights. It is the most tyrannical federal government I have seen in my lifetime and unless we have that it makes no sense to send our state out there on the plank. Let NY go first.




OMG, hypocrisy abounds. “Don’t Tread on Me” as the Second Amendment in the People’s Republic of New Jersey gets dismantled on a daily basis. If we were truly about “Don’t Tread on Me” then you must allow me to have my 30-round magazine and my AR-15 and all of the custom modifications I could have if I were in a state such as Maine. Here it is, you want liberty? You want freedom? Fine, you smoke your weed and let me have my AR-15. Boom, freedom and liberty achieved.


            Bill Roberts
           Conservatively Speaking



  NJ better get on board before NY does. Here in Oregon it’s been a windfall, but be forewarned, make sure that the cash makes it to the schools.

            Peter Saveskie



  Legalize it! We voted for it. It has the majority. This is a democracy. Help our firemen policemen, schools, roads, etc. This is a joke. Where are our rights? Why do we vote? This is why we have a new governor. He said he would do this. Is he as phony as Trump? Get on this!




  I have always been conflicted on this, ike with gambling or any addictive activity, because I think people always abuse it and bad things happen, like Atlantic City. What a horror show that turned out to be and it scared the liing shit out of the Poconos legalizing gambling and now we have sports book and it really does damage the social construct. Weed? Who knows? I think the more vices, the more deterioration of the system. We already have a criminal in the White Hosue we abide. How much further should we compromise our principles for our economic interests or our self-gratification?

  I am no prude and I enjoyed marijuana as a kid, but I think when we shift our system this must, this fast, there is always a bill to be paid on the other end.




  This kind of thing is always heavy lifting, no matter the subject or the era. I think eventually, problebly within the decade, it will be legal all over. It has been shown to really boost local economies and once it is regulated, it not only becomes safer but it takes the organized crime, international drug cartel shit out of it. This was always the ssolution to the “Drug Wars”, just take it out of their hands and give it to the people and to the people’s government and law enforcement. I think it has been unfair for decades to lay this on cops and border patrol. It’s like the climate change crisis. So easy to take care of, but it is business as usual in Washington. Lots of res tape. The best changes have always come from the states. This is how the founding fathers set it up. It is a republic, not a democracy – a united “states”, but still states. And that is why NJ must be one of the leaders, like Washington and Colorado, etc.

            Barbara Selena



  The crimes of this president are astronomical to conceive. (THE UNITED TRUMP OF TRUMP – Issue: 6/6/18) How the hell did we get here? I mean, I know people were pissed and Hillary sucked, but this is an abomination. I am so embarrassed to be American. I used to think that above it all was the ingreity of this republic. Donald Trump has forever tarnsished it in my eyes. These columns, the weeks of holding this period up to the light by you has been a godsend. You are a patriot, a trooper and one of the most honest, unflinching of writers. In an era where our very bgvernment led by this fadcisit is asttacking free speech and the freedome and power of our press, you stand tall. I think you, above all, may maintain my hope that when this is all over – sooonet than later – I can get my pride back in a country besmirched by this terrible person.




  If you still support Trump you are simply stupid, broken or evil.
  Common sense and hundreds of hours of video back this up as fact unlike ever before.
  I thank Mr. Trump for making it easy for me to know who are the people I never want to talk to again.
  Is there a chance these poor frightened masses could evolve and grow… sure… but I don’t have the time nor the inclination to teach them right from wrong.
  So…. I don’t want to argue with you or debate or whatever. Just go away please and no need for us to speak anymore.

            Bo Blaze



  Donald Trump told everyone he was a crook and escaped taxes and was mean and tough and hated Mexicans and thought John McCain was a chump and that anyone who disagreed with him at rallies should be beaten up and sided with Nazis and treats people in his employ as a business man to a politician like shit. He told everyone that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still get support from his minions.

  So why is everyone upset?


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