MUSE at the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, April 7, 2019

Muse truly did all they could to bring to life as many aspects of their career and music as possible on their current tour stop at the Wells Fargo Center. The set list for the Simulation Theory tour featured a third of the songs from that album, but the band made sure to draw upon Drones, Black Holes and Revelations, Absolution, and pretty much every full-length record of theirs except their debut, Showbiz.

Muse’s instrumentation was a powerful musical force, as amazing chord progressions and drum lines intertwined with cutting edge beats and vocals. Even if an audience member didn’t know the band’s music well, they’d instantly become a fan of their work; they don’t show off, they simply exude sheer talent.

The band blended notable tracks from classic rock, metal, and modern alternative for intros, outros, and jams that elevated the performance, which quickly went from being just another concert to a full-fledged experience. Despite a jam packed venue with fans exuding excitement and mouthing the words to just about every song, there was an intimate feeling watching Muse from the crowd. Their humble, yet excessive talent works hand-in-hand with their slick transitions and personable banter.

But what was most impressive about the show was the stage set up, the use of lighting, and screen projections. The 20-plus song show was dynamic in itself musically—that is for sure—but it was taken to another level because of the enthralling production. It was sleek and modern, yet truly encapsulated a sense of futurism, both literally and figuratively. Simulation Theory, as an album, has an almost sci-fi based approach to the present day social and political climate, and this concept was mirrored flawlessly in the design of the show. From the streaks of green, blue, and purple bouncing around the arena to the flashing shutter glasses and a sprinkling of both rambunctious and elegant dancers, Muse took everything into account when bringing this show to life on stage.

Throughout their set, audience members were truly ecstatic and engaged. But songs like “Psycho” early on in the set, and “Madness” toward the latter end of the performance, amplified the crowd like no other. The bouncing, singing, and full blown shouts of pure joy gave way to that momentary peace that one feels when in the midst of something so powerful. It’s a feeling like no other, and Muse made sure the experience was immersive, sensory, and as emotionally stirring as possible.