Here’s the issue with what you’ve written here (TIME FOR MUELLER TO SPEAK – 5/8/19). Why don’t people actually READ the damn document???? It clearly implicated the President on numerous counts of obstruction of justice, which you covered here recently. I don’t think Mueller needs to speak nor should he. The man has given the last two years of his professional life under brutal scrutiny and hand grenades of insults and accusations from Donald Trump and the right-wing media for his country. He has been given the mantle of messiah to save us from this disgusting human filth who occupies the White House like a disease. And on the other hand he was a demon trying to run a coup against the leader of the free world. Yet, he forged ahead. Did not give into media pressures or leaks and threats from outside. His team never wavered and never leaked and took all of it with pride and produced this document. Much of it is redacted, yes, but more of it is not and it has plenty of evidence for clear-thinking, open-minded, educated voters to decide if they should continue to back this sinkhole presidency and for congress to do its job and investigate these obstruction charges.

Mueller has spoken. His report is 488 or so pages. I am reading it. If you consider yourself a mindful, caring American, you will not take anyone’s opinion but your own, after you see the facts laid out here. If you are Congress, you should heed it.

Let the man retire as the hero he is.

He gave us the report. This was his job, not to talk endlessly about it and explain it to people who have no interest in the actual welfare and moral foundation of America.

—Matty C.

Excellent, point, Mr. Campion. How many people have to misinterpret this thing before its author stands up. The entire DOJ is in the bag for this gangster president. Stand up, Bob! Tell us what you believe is in the report and not through some vague accusatory note to the AG, but to us, the American people, who have paid for this process in full and need and want and deserve answers! No congressional filter! No media outlet! No interviews! You, unfiltered, facing us. Stand up, Bob!

—Sarah M.

OMG YES!!!! We need Mueller to speak!!!! We need an investigation!!! We need Mueller to speak to why he thought he could successfully manufacture a coup against the Trump presidency!!! We need Mueller to speak to whether he wishes to reside in Joliet or Marien for his federal incarceration over his ties to this coup. We need to investigate why unemployment is at 3.8%!!! We need to investigate why Trump’s economy has consistently bested expectations!!!

You really are milking this anti-Trump thing for all its worth, aren’t you?


Bill Roberts

Conservatively Speaking

Fuck the Mueller Report. Why isn’t Trump impeached for campaign finance abuses his lawyer just went to prison for? That’s a crime. He’s Individual One. He is already guilty. Bam! Impeach!


This is the normal way in which normal people react to someone going out of his/her way to hide stuff: They are guilty or feel they are guilty. (HOW BAD CAN TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS BE? – Issue: 5/15/19). And I’m not saying there are not extenuating circumstances like people protecting their privacy and all that. Although let’s face it, you kind of have to abandon most if not all of that when you run for president, but this appears to be a constant theme with Donald Trump and always has been. This is how he got away with lying in a book and creating con jobs like his university, or selling sub-par products and getting out of paying contractors and subverting real estate laws and laundering money and paying off porn stars and working in tandem with a shit rag like the National Enquire for years to smear opponents, and eventually Hillary Clinton, and take information from a foreign enemy to sue against fellow Americans, and then covering it up and then dangling pardons to criminals and turning the Justice Department into his own defense team and letting people die in Puerto Rico and children to be in cages at our borders and, finally, obstructing justice left and right in front of us all.

The taxes thing then becomes a microcosm of his behavior, a series of events of hiding his true nature and what he is capable of because, if we knew what is in there, then I assume at least some of his solid 40 percent would erode. I mean, his legacy now is one of obfuscation time and time again and a dark time in the history of this country, which has had many dark leaders who have led us down terrible paths. Somehow, it is like the tax thing has become the reason we as a people are wholly responsible for this madness. We knew he would not come clean, and yet, stupidly we just (or at least those who voted for Trump) let him just say, “Trust me,” which we would never do with a car salesman or an advertisement or a plumber or anyone! Yet we did with the POTUS. This is why the tax thing is so important, and yeah, James, your question about how damn bad they must be if he has gone this long to this length to hide them from us is VERY BAD.


Man, this column is great. I learn so much about human nature from it. Your’s in general. You see the bullshit so clearly. It is remarkable stuff. Thank you.


All true. And so wittily expressed.

—Vincent Czyz

I would think you would defend anyone keeping his secrets from the government or the press. Not sure you are measuring Trump with the same instruments you may for all of life’s institutions. I do not agree with most of what this president stands for, but I think his taxes and those of every public official should be a decision they make and not up to history. There is no law that demands it. I think it is actually more harmful to Trump that he doesn’t release them now because it looks like they do contain very questionable if not damaging and maybe borderline immoral or even illegal stuff, but again, I think the act in a vacuum jibe with the idea that everyone, even the President of the United States, has a right to his privacy. And the consequences be damned. That’s all I’m saying.

—E. Freidman

Sometimes I get the idea Trump just doesn’t understand how anything works. Almost daily he makes decisions that disintegrate his credibility. It’s as if he has just woken up to the world and acts as if he does not realize the consequences of his actions. And the weird thing is that no one around him seems to make any attempt to stop him. And when they do like Don McGhan’s “not going to do his crazy shit,” it just fades into the mist. It’s as if he doesn’t even possess the bottom line instinct to not repeat stupid things. I think this whole presidency is a study in how someone so sheltered as a rich kid can be exposed so blatantly. Fascinating if not frightening stuff.


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