Spotlights–Mavis Staples, Jen Kirkman, The Vibrators, Mariana’s Trench

Mavis Staples Brings Soul Back for Two Shows

Mavis Staples is raw, talented, and still doing what she does best. Turning 80-years-old this past July is not even getting close to stopping Staples from bringing her authentic, heartfelt, generation-spanning style of soul, gospel, and R&B to the stage. Music is who she is and who she has been since she was just 11-years-old, singing in her family’s band, The Staple Singers. She’s brought her own music to the forefront through guest spots on television shows like Soul Train and The Cosby Show, as well as by keeping her sound and her lyrics true to herself and the world around her. It wasn’t just her pure talent that drew the world to her, it was her pure dedication to the craft, too. Make sure to visit for more information on Mavis and her upcoming performances alongside Brandi Carlile on Sept 6 at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia and on Sept. 14 at Madison Square Garden.

Brooklyn To Host The Lovely and Hilarious Jen Kirkman

Female stand-up comedians are not few and far between. Successful female stand-up comedians are, which makes Jen Kirkman even more special than she already is. I mean, aside from being an internationally touring stand-up, she is a New York Times best-selling author, a highly accomplished writer for television and film, as well as having many notable comedy records and specials (she has two on Netflix right now that have been ranked and named as some of the best on the platform – which pins her up against the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Sandler.) All of that, right there, is no joke. Kirkman is simply an empowered woman and a comedic powerhouse. To catch her live show at The Bell House in Gowanus on Sept. 11, visit

The Vibrators Come To Kill The Bowery Electric

Forty-something years into their career as one of England’s premiere punk rock bands, The Vibrators are still taking their job seriously. These electric guitar-screeching, energetic stage commanders have over twenty studio albums under their belt and they aren’t afraid of showcasing all of that and more on stage. Sure, not every current touring member is an original member, but all they needed was an ability to feed off the moshing crowds and the multitude of mainstream and underground hits that the band has had. The music is still soul-baring and hard-rocking, while their concerts are just as brutally fun and unmissable as before. For tickets to their NYC stop at the Bowery Electric on Sept. 7, head over to, and be sure to check out our interview this week with drummer Eddie Edwards!

Mariana’s Trench at Asbury Lanes

There really is no shortage of fantastic Canadian artists out there; you have Alanis Morissette, Rush, Arcade Fire… the list is never ending. Yet, a stellar Canadian act that gets overlooked on occasion is Marianas Trench. Since 2001, this foursome has brought their authentic storytelling and classic pop-punk sound to the forefront. Not only is the style of their music unique and very much their own, but their songwriting is incomparable. Further proving their power as both musicians and a part of the music industry, within 24 hours of their latest record’s release this past March, it topped the iTunes chart, dethroning Ariana Grande’s thank u, next in the #1 spot. That right there is a band worth noting. You can catch them live, as well, and hear for yourself what makes them so special. For tickets to their Asbury Lanes show on Sept. 6, visit