Spotlights––Keller Williams, The Maine, Dirty Mae, L.A. Guns

Keller Williams Comes To The Shore

There are no better words to describe the one-man-band that is Keller Williams than passionate and genre defying. The 49 year-old musician is his very own jam band, a rockstar, and singer-songwriter all rolled into one. His style ranges from blues-induced rock to jazz to reggae to progressive bluegrass and just about everything else. Williams has never pigeon-holed himself when it comes to what his voice, his lyrics, and his instruments can do, making him one of the most inspiring, iconic, and bewildering artists to have ever seen the light of day. He is unique and creative, talented and artistic, passionate and genre defying. He has an intimate and probably soon-to-be legendary show coming up at the Stone Pony on Nov. 2. For tickets, go to

Everyone Loves The Maine 

Arizona’s finest alternative rock band – and one of our favorites – is coming back to Jersey for a stellar live show at Starland Ballroom on Nov. 3. It’s hard to find someone in the world who doesn’t adore The Maine and every piece of music they have released into the world. They now have seven full-length albums under their belt (On top of a live album and various EPs.) and each one is technically and sonically better than the last – and that’s saying a lot, for their first album is beloved by fans and critics alike. Their pop punk, Warped Tour-esque sound is polished, having more of a crisp, rock edge than most when it comes to vocals and instrumentation. The band is always working hard, looking to the future, and creating the best musical content for themselves and their fans. To catch all of that and more at their Starland date, head over to

Dirty Mae LP Release Show

Hailing from right here in Harlem, New York are Dirty Mae, an on-the-rise, indie folk trio that takes being talented and unique to the next level. Holy Mama, the band’s debut album, is a futuristic, hardcore, neo-folk take on down-home blues rock. The three-piece has a lot going on when putting on a show, making it an eclectic mix of cabaret style performing and grassroots based swagger. It’s twinkling, it’s dynamic, and it’s soulful. There isn’t a more original, creative trio making music like this right now, which means it is imperative for any and all music lovers to see their live album release show on Nov. 1 at Rockwood Music Hall. For more information on the band their concert, go to

East Coast Roadhouse To Welcome West Coast Rockers 

L.A. Guns, the hard rock veterans from the west coast, have reunited, released a new record titled The Devil You Know, and are heading out on tour. It might be a long way from home for these rockstars, coming from Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California to the Stanhope House in Stanhope, New Jersey, but they’re still as vivacious, glamorous, and kickass as ever before. They are the living, breathing, touring proof that rock isn’t dead! For tickets to their Stanhope House stop on Nov. 4, visit