Spotlights–Twiddle, Bon Iver, Thurston Moore, She & Him

Port Chester To Host Jam Band Favorites

This too-often cruel world has been blessed to have had Twiddle in their lives for the past 15 years. I mean, who knew that four more Vermont rockers would turn into one of the most beloved, admired, and sought after jam bands? They didn’t, nor us, but nobody is complaining. With multiple tours and six full-length LPs under their belt, the band has only been honing in on their bluegrass-infused, jazz-hinting craft since their 2004 start. Intertwining genres, defying musical norms, experimenting on stage and off, and pure improvisation is what these guys do best and what the modern world has fallen in love with. Now, they’re taking it up a notch on their current tour—the Winter 2020 15th Anniversary Tour—bringing the deepest of tracks to life on stage across the country. For tickets to their Capitol Theatre stops on Nov. 29 and 30, head over to

Bon Iver’s Must-See Creativity

The pinnacle of songwriting genius and the epitome of independent artistry, Bon Iver has never failed to garner the best kind of attention and critical acclaim. The pure sounds of classic folk music might not have been thought to have been paired with any form of modern day electronica, but this band has done so in such a smooth way that you can’t help but be amazed at the swift, complete pairing. It’s brought them everything from world tours to Grammy awards to five-star reviews, so it may seem that they’re doing something strange, but they’re really doing something absolutely right. They’ve created a sound that has permeated the music industry and allowed them to create their own niche in an over-saturated world. The band is taking the Kings Theatre stage to showcase their blatant creativity and talent for Brooklyn on Dec. 4 and 5. To get your tickets to this stellar indie-folk event, visit 

NYC To Welcome Back Thurston Moore

You know him from the seminal nineties alternative rock group, Sonic Youth. You like him for his unique take on counterculture. Now, you’re going to see him combine those two things while on stage at (le) Poisson Rouge on Dec. 5. The purveyor of punk rock poetry and experimental express, Moore has continuously worked at maintaining his creative freedom while still branching out into other genres and aspects of art. His most recent release, the eccentric and enticing Spirit Counsel, has no rules and crosses all boundaries, which truly describes Moore and his work at its finest. It’s a must-listen and must-see live, so head over to now get your tickets.

Holiday Celebrations with She & Him!

For almost 14 years, the musical world has been graced by the presence and sound of Portland, Oregon’s finest indie pop duo, She & Him. Multi-talented household name, Zooey Deschanel, paired with songwriting and production prodigy, M. Ward, crafted a twinkling style of folk music that has drawn in fans from across the globe. They’ve tackled creating stellar lyrics, intertwined various instruments, and found a home for themselves in not just the indie scene, but in the holiday music scene. The pair’s two Christmas records were a chart-topping success for the perfect reason: they’re the perfect mix of original and classic—just like all of their music is. She & Him are taking that holiday sound, spirit, and cheer to the stage, hitting the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on Dec. 5. For tickets, visit