Spotlights–Alaina Castillo, Big Apple Comic Convention, The Del McCoury Band, Anna Calvi

An On-the-Rise Old Soul

Like the title of her debut EP states, Alaina Castillo is a butterfly, bringing color to a dim world by simply showcasing her talents to the world. She’s a pop-centric songwriter with an R&B and hip-hop infused flare. There are strong Latin notes weaved in between it all, putting her familial roots and childhood influences on full display.  Her intermingling of English and Spanish verses paired with out-of-this-world vocals and intricately crafted lyrics has made her one of the most anticipated musical stars of this year. With Antisocial Butterfly having just been released, the beautiful Castillo is ready to spread her wings even further and take these songs to the stage. To catch her New York debut at Rockwood Music Hall on Dec. 7, visit

Christmas, Comics, and Cosplay Galore!

The founders of the beloved Big Apple Comic Convention are adding a new special ‘con’ to their roster of fun, themed, city events. The Big Apple Christmas Convention, housed at the New Yorker Hotel on Dec. 14, will be a perfect combination of holiday cheer and comic fascination. Free gifts, prize giveaways, a fantastically ridiculous slew of Christmas-themed comic books, special celebrity guests, and a classic artwork and original comic auction to raise funds for the Covenant House New York (which provides residential services to homeless, runaway, and exploited youth) will all be going down under one roof over the course of one day. Not to mention the most anticipated fan event: a holiday-themed cosplay contest! For tickets and more information on this sure-to-be sparkly, lively, interactive event, visit

Bluegrass in Asbury

The Del McCoury Band is not just a Grammy Award winning bluegrass band out of York County, Pennsylvania, it is a musical family affair. Del McCoury (and now his two sons) have been doing what they love and what comes naturally to them for decades now. Their instrumentation is flawless, their appreciation for the art of what they do is unmatched, and their bond with each other and their music is constantly growing—if at all possible. It’s electric guitar and sonic vocal driven bluegrass, mixing tempos and beats on a whim to create a sound that feels right to them. Everything they do with this band comes from their heart, including each live show’s set list. The band plays the songs that feel good and ready for them in that moment, which means every concert is a different experience for everyone involved. To join in on the mystery of their set list and hear their stellar choices of music live, head over to for tickets to their show at the Paramount Theatre on Dec. 6.

A Londoner In NYC

Anna Calvi, a London-born singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist, has had quite the whirlwind career overseas since her start about 15 years ago. For starters, she never planned on becoming a performer and has admitted that she did not even start singing until she was in her mid-twenties. Now 39 years-old, Calvi has an impressive catalog of art rock music under her belt, various award nominations (including one for a Brit and three for Mercury Prizes), and has recently delved deeper into soul, which was already filled with stellar musicianship, and begun scoring soundtracks for film and television; most notably, the recent season of Peaky Blinders, the acclaimed historical fiction drama from the BBC. She’s coming to Rough Trade in NYC on Dec. 7 to put on an electric show for fans new and old, so go get your tickets before there are none left. They’re available at now!