Spotlights–Samantha Fish, Daughters, Hanson, Goose

NYC To Welcome Modern Blues Singer-Songwriter 

Samantha Fish is everything from a song-belter to a songwriter. Her intricately written songs are truly emotional tales and in-depth journeys told through personal experience and fiery passion. The range she has as a vocalist, storyteller, and guitarist is exhibited in everything she does, project after project and year after year. Pop rock infused blues music coming straight from the soul is never to be taken for granted in this day and age, especially when someone like Fish is doing it so honestly and excellently; not afraid to step over genre lines or let stories come to life. She’s heading to the PlayStation Theater on Dec. 20 and tickets can be found at

Three Bands = Three Times the Fun!

Does three hard rock bands, hundreds of fans, and plenty of tunes over the course of one night sound good to you? Because Daughters and HEALTH are currently co-headlining the greatest tour of the season alongside Show Me The Body. The three rocking and raging bands are bringing the best of their catalogs and the most energy you’ve ever seen to these shows, making sure that each and every concert goer is on their feet, screaming, singing, moshing, and dancing. They’re hitting Brooklyn Steel on Dec. 19 and it’s sure to be a rambunctious, exciting, and noisy night with these hardcore bands taking the stage, but it is surely going to be worth every second. Head over to for tickets and more information. 

Hanson To Bring Christmas Cheer

The Jonas Brothers might be the most popular, most loved familial band on the scene at the moment, but without Hanson, there may have not even been a JoBros band at all. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson are the original pop three piece that stole the hearts of young girls and the sanity of their parents across the world in the late nineties when their hit single, “MMMBop” raced to the top of the charts. The Grammy-nominated, wildly adored band is still thriving both personally and professionally. Now, they’re embarking on their semi-annual holiday tour—aptly named The Wintery Mix—bringing their two chart-topping Christmas albums to life on stage. From new hits, their own work, and classic favorites, the night is sure to cover as much snowy, musical ground as possible. For tickets to their show at The Paramount on Dec. 21, visit

It’s Time to Celebrate Goosemas

Bands are emerging left and right who have intertwined good ‘ol fashioned indie rock with the styling of modern day techno beats to create a unique, powerful blend of music. Take Goose, for example, the Connecticut-based foursome who are breaking down walls set in place by genres, labels, and close-minded musicians, and they’re putting music in its place that resonates with many, that tells in-depth stories, and gets people moving and grooving. They’re creators at heart with a mission to break boundaries and do what they love. Not to mention they’ll be stopping by the Wall Street Theater on Dec. 21 for you to enjoy their style and sounds in the theme of a Christmas spectacular. For more information, head to