Spotlights–Sundub, The Dead South, Red Molly, Rockapella

Interchangeable Reggae in NYC

Going to a Sundub show means that you are expected great music and even greater music. Their sound is an eclectic mix of jazz infused reggae with hints of funk and a whole lot of dubstep. In their own words, the band features a “revolving cast of instrumentalists and guests from some of the most dynamic and respected bands in North American reggae,” which is something most musical groups don’t incorporate into their sound, their shows, and their musicianship as a whole. Subdub relishes in the variety and the influence that new people and influences bring to their unique style of reggae. To catch this highly creative and original band live at S.O.B.’S on Jan. 9, visit 

Hey, NYC! Here Comes The Dead South

(Photo source: Two Brothers Film)

This five piece band might be out of Canada, but their sound might as well be Alabama born and raised, for their southern style of modern day folk music has a ‘down home’ flare that is hard to come across and surely isn’t easy to emulate. Their latest record, October 2019’s Sugar & Joy shot straight to No. 1 on the US Bluegrass charts – and rightfully so! It’s music organic as can be with a sound that is as smooth as butter and fits easily in the palm of any bluegrass, Americana, or country music fan’s hand. They’re bringing their melodic, twangy, intricately crafted songs to Warsaw on Jan. 9 and it’s already 2020’s greatest must-see show. For tickets, head over to

Our Favorites: Red Molly

(Photo source: Red Molly)

There’s nothing we love more than a female fronted band making stellar music that everyone involved is proud of – and Red Molly has always been that band. The three piece bluegrass group consists of three friends (Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner, and Molly Venter) who are all passionate singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and folk music fans. Together, the trio has worked to share their harmonious, innovative, storytelling-based sound with the world, making a mark on the music industry from as early as 2006 – not even two years into their musical career. The Bowery Ballroom is ecstatic to welcome the band on Jan. 12 and you should be just as excited, if not more so, to attend! That is, if you go to now and get your tickets!

Experience A Cappella Live

(Photo source: Rockapella)

You’ve seen Pitch Perfect and you’ve watched The Sing-Off, but have you actually experienced a Cappella in its intended, purest form: a live performance? Rockapella, one of the world’s most popular, sophisticated, and imitated vocal groups is coming to Iridium Jazz Club in NYC on Jan. 11 and if you even have an inkling of an interest in A Cappella music, this is surely the show for you. From The Rolling Stones to Three Dog Night, the quintet covers beloved classics, toe-tapping tunes, and decade-spanning songs that make the concert fun for all ages and for fans of just about every music genre. For tickets to this true musical experience, visit