I believe that Trump’s incredible miscalculation of Syria will lead to terrible consequences in Iraq and also Iran. (PRESIDENT TERRORIST – Issue: 10/23/19) For a man who applies zero forethought to anything, his style in both business and now geopolitics has been to react and not see the bigger picture. It cost him in Atlantic City and the USFL, as you have pointed at before, and most of his side ventures; the now officially illegal Trump University and the rest of his cheap attempts at making a buck in the face of a larger issue about his myopia. But, I am not sure it is a sign of madness as much as hubris. This was always my point about dictators or megalomaniacs, which beats in the heart of this president at his core, is that they merely think they are the law. Many presidents have had some measure of this, but this is the worst I have seen, and I go back to Eisenhower. I would go with mere stupidity for Trump or at the very least what we all feared when he was a candidate, that is he has no experience in this and has what appears to be a child-like view of the world as black and white, how children see only heroes and villains. Many people who voted for him are as equally narrow-minded and it is sad that this kind of ignorance is now affecting the world at large. Scary times. Thank you for staying on this without the kind of one way or the highway mentality. It is very refreshing writing.

—Steve R.

Remember when citizen Trump mocked Obama for his maneuvers in Syria and talked about creating a vacuum there for ISIS? Ha!!!!! At least then there was no precedence for this. This time it is pure madness. I pray for this nation every minute that moron is running it. 

—Alex Tooooor

Wow, ok. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is progressively getting worse. I remember all those years you sat there and hailed Cool Daddy Barack as the Second Coming as he bombed his way to a Nobel Peace Prize, sold guns to Mexican cartels (that is the work of a REAL terrorist), escalated Afghanistan and then created a void in Iraq but somehow once again, as predictable as a sunrise…Orange Man Bad. That ceasefire President Trump just negotiated is the work of a man who knows how to make a deal while playing 4D Chess. Please don’t tell me your hatred of Trump is so bad that you have now become a neo-con and now want to deploy American combat units to Turkey/Syria for a fight that doesn’t involve us. That would be a radical departure from your usual anti-war stance. I guess politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. Do you want to know why Trump will win 45 states next year? Because while you guys have a raging case of TDS and are obsessed with impeachment as you know you won’t beat him in the polls, the USMCA languishes in the House with nary a vote for ratification in sight. This agreement truly helps the American people with a far greater deal than NAFTA ever was. The American voter trying to figure out how to feed their family and pay the mortgage does not give a single shit about impeachment but a trade deal like USMCA DOES interest them because it involves their pocketbook. This is why Trump will win. Remember while you guys are busy sniffing each other’s asses and telling each other that Trump is unpopular, I watch Trump sell out arenas all across the country and see how loved this President actually is.


Bill Roberts

Conservatively Speaking

As an ex-Marine, I can tell you that this Trump-con he is playing on the people who don’t know a thing about foreign affairs and military commitment is both dangerous and appalling. We must honor our word to those who work with us to protect this country. Today and for the foreseeable future it is less safe because of this, to say the least. I have served in Iraq and can tell you Syria is an important part of that region for us. This is the first president who has shown little to no understanding of this. His comments during the election about “getting the oil” was so completely outlandish it frightened me then. But you figure he might pivot to a sane stance and listen to generals, but he has done what everyone who told us not to vote for him told us: gone his own in an uninformed dangerous way. I know a lot of people will forgive him for this because they are “conservatives,” but the right thing to do is to stand and fight for what is right and to protect us. This is pure cowardice. I am embarrassed for the United States of America. I never thought I would write that. Please print it. Please let your readers know there are many like me in the military who are dedicated to protecting this country and today are not sure the President has the same goals. I am saddened by this news. I fear the future. 

—Nelson, Semper fidelis

I have the best balls 

tremendous balls

The waxiest balls

—Bo Blaze

There is no more Republican Party. It is over. (GOP, THE RULE OR LAW & THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY – Issue: 10/30/19) The soul of the party and the soul of the nation has been sold to the highest bidder, Donald Trump. I never thought I would live to see this level of corruption, even as a bona fide cynic. This is horrifying. Everyone behind this cover-up must be defeated this next year. November will be our vengeance. The Democrats had better not fuck this up. They are our only hope.  

—D. Fields

The GOP is in the tank for criminals. Where have we seen that before? Nixon? Reagan? Bush? This is how it goes, and a Democrat had to fix it, like Obama did when Bush and the Republicans sank the economy or when Nixon ripped us off and Reagan sold out to the Iranians. You want Russia to run the county? Then let Trump walk. This is what it has come to.

—Sarah L.

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