Anthony Vito Cosentino
Anthony Vito Cosentino

Taking Back Sunday’s Seventh Annual Holiday Spectacular – The Photo Collection

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

We’ve all heard this phrase at one point in our lives or another – some of us may have even studied the philosophical query. Still, it’s dated. Today we pose a new question in the same vein:

“If Taking Back Sunday doesn’t come to Starland Ballroom to host their annual Holiday Spectacular, do the holidays even exist?”

The Aquarian has been presenting Taking Back Sunday’s cherished Christmas event for seven years now, and we can say that this is something that we never want to find out. December’s overarching spirit and cultural excitement is made tangible through the Spectacular’s two days of music and memories. Just look at the following gallery and tell us you can’t feel the energy of the performances radiate off the screen.

(Photographer extraordinaire, Anthony Vito Cosentino, was quick to note that from both the pit and the crowd, it was easily one of the “rowdiest shows” he has seen all year. This is thanks to the bands who played fantastically alongside TBS – Straylight Run, Modern Chemistry, and Playing Dead – and the fans who come out from all across the country to celebrate the holidays in the most rocking fashion.)

Photos by Anthony Vito Cosentino