Courtesy of David Benedict

PREMIERE: Foreign Landers Showcase Serenity Ahead of New Album

Like a scene out of Nashville or Hart of Dixie, tuneful duo Foreign Landers come together for a video that is just as impassioned and serene as the song soundtracking it.

There’s almost a jazz-y quality to the sights and sounds of Foreign Landers. Though not improv-based, the duo exude personality in the simplest of ways. Maybe it’s the narratives at hand, the ebb and flow of harmonies, or the organic, melodic wistfulness, but it’s there. A jazziness is found within the folk pop undertones of this bluegrass group. The peak of that internal artistic warmth and the complex craters of musicality is “The Last Song,” a track and video that wholeheartedly showcase what Foreign Landers does – and continues to do with an ease that feels so innate, a talent that is so raw, and an intimacy that feels all too personal.

Comprised of Tabitha Agnew and David Benedict, two musicians from opposite ends of the globe of whom are married today and in the United States, Foreign Landers is an obvious passion project and a creative outlet working from the ground up to create the purest of magic. Together the pair are fluid, combining instrumentation and vocals that, much like in “The Last Song,” leave you in a trance. Every moment in the song, every movement in the sky, embodies personality and care – the love is bold, the music is folksy, charming, and inspiring, and the setting captures a tale of two honing in on themselves and their craft as a joint force to be reckoned with. There is yearning and longing, an angst almost illuminated in this acoustic guitar-laden track, but it fits the bill for where any want, any need, can go. It teaches you something about yourself and where to go when something pulls you in a new direction, but you’re not alone in that. These two get it, they feel it, and they showcase it here. Foreign Landers is a duo, a couple of creatives literally and figuratively, but the way they blend themselves, their skills. and their ideals into a song like this… it showcases that, in terms of their artistic souls, they are one.

Today we are honored to premiere the music video for this brand new single, exclusively, for those ready to take a stunning internal and external journey at the hands (or voices) of Agnew and Benedict. This is the second single from their forthcoming LP, Travelers Rest, which further expands on the sweet, simple storytelling of this budding bluegrass act.