Zachary Olewnicki

Quarters of Change: Reviving Alt Rock

On the road, on playlists, and on fire – this is our quick chat with Quarters of Change.

This New York City rock act, who met in middle school, are putting their best foot forward as a way to keep the rock vibe alive. The band, Quarters of Change, are Ben Acker, Attila Anrather, Jasper Harris, and Ben Roter – all charged with an alternative energy.

“Hip hop has certainly dominated our lifetimes, but it feels like alt rock is making its way back slowly,” Acker tells us. Roter adds, “In the new age of music – in general with rock or any band-based music – has been taking a hit because the new wave is to do features or collaborations. That’s how a lot of rising rap stars has got to get a lot of exposure. It was never about let’s be in a popular genre; it’s what matters to and inspires us the most and that’s rock and alternative.”

With an understanding of the fluctuating success of their peers and the stars of right now, Quarters of Change are gaining momentum, working nonstop in support of last year’s Into The Rift LP. The foursome has been on a grueling tour schedule to highlight that record, going up and down the coasts and hitting up South by Southwest for the first time – only concluding their on-stage performances on March 21.

“There’s been a lot of delirious moments and no sleep on the road,” jokes Roter. Still, being on tour and amplifying the sights and sounds of Into The Rift has allowed them to grow and gain fans… even catch the attention of idols and peers. Joe Jonas and Fred Durst are two musicians that are active fans of Quarters of Change.

Into The Rift was mixed by legendary engineers and producers: Tom Lord-Alge and Mikey Freedom Hart, known for their work with everyone from Steve Winwood and U2 to Hanson and Bleachers. Because the record has taken off even more in 2023 (with so many people loving it and backing it), it is getting the deluxe treatment – just nine months after its release.

“To Let Go” is one of the new singles within the deluxe evolution, although it, too, has been performed live as of late. “We’ve been writing new music all the time while on tour. People seem to still be really hyped on the Into the Rift album, though,” says Acker. “It’s our first time ever touring the album now,” adds Anrather, reminding us that we are still in a new era of this alternative rock band.

Similarly, the group has transitioned from 300 Entertainment to Elektra Records; the process of signing to Elektra proving to be a good experience and great exposure for them. Both boosted the band, but Elektra has a strong tour department and they are more rock-focused, so the jump was perfect for who Quarters of Change are… and who they want to be.

Roter shares the simple, but effective way Elektra got to them: via a Spotify playlist. “[The label] reached out and we built relationship with [them], and they took a chance with us.” Look at them now, though! Quarters of Change are growing, expanding, experimenting, and thriving.