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PREMIERE: Frightful Places Puts the Emo Back in Emotional

Emo, as a musical overhead adjacent from the pop punk scene, has never died. If anything, it has just shifted from being a main style of rock to a major influence on rockers. Artists and bands today are undoubtedly effected by the late-nineties and Y2K heavy hitters, such as My Chemical Romance and Green Day, and the mid-2000s basement show celebrators of Jimmy Eat World and Modern Baseball. The latest to pull pieces of greatness from those acts and more is Frightful Places.

Frightful Places takes ‘Midwest Emo,’ a genre in and of itself, and puts a Big Apple spin on it… even coming out of New England. You can hear the rolling hills and angst of small towns, but an edgier kind of professionalism that only the Northeast instills in you. The latest release from this debut project of Kevin Tiernan’s is “Eklund Garden,” and it is the music video for it that we are thrilled to be premiering today.

All of our readers, like the existing fans, will get ‘lost,’ appropriately, in all this release has to offer. It’s melody is catchy and thumps along the instrumentation in a timely manner. The visuals are eye-catching, as well, and the emo nostalgia is just evident enough to make you feel something. One cannot help but feel taken back to simpler times, more authentic music, and a bit of youthful expression that can’t easily be replicated with this track.

Tiernan kindly filled us in on just how this video came to be, because there is a lot to unpack… in the best way possible. “As a horror fan, this video seemed like a no-brainer. Luckily, Russ Lyman (who directed and edited the video) was on board. We both enjoy classic movies and retro things. We shot separate plates with the playing scenes and the VCR, splicing me into black-and-white horror films. Inspired by long hikes on the Paugussett Trail, ‘Eklund’ Garden is a high-energy song about the discomfort of traveling into the unknown and re-examining yourself.”