Nicole Conflenti

Hayley Kiyoko Sparkles on Stage in NYC

When a photographer (or anyone, for that matter) leaves a show and immediately says, “She was so damn cool,” about the artist on stage… you just know that everything went right. The lights twinkled in time, the stage glimmered, the dancers strutted, and the singer electrified the audience through commanding it all. On May 31 at Irving Plaza, Hayley Kiyoko used her personal sparkle – and damn cool attitude – to do just that.

Personal is the right word to use, too. Kiyoko’s stylish alternative pop catalog has always been a solo endeavor based in truth. She wears her heart on her decorative sleeve and never distracts from such, even when her worldly range of vocals and exorbitant amount of fun, lighthearted stage presence are already battling for center stage. (It becomes a perfect balance, though, and fans drink it all up with ease and joy.)

This Big Apple concert was one of the very final dates on the shining star’s Panorama Tour, and our camerawoman, Nicole Conflenti, was there to experience it for us of all and all of you.

Photos by Nicole Conflenti