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The Contrarian: “The Best Man”

The race for the presidency has been one of the dirtiest we’ve seen, and the battle against the incumbent, between the two power parties, has not even begun. Not above the obvious mudslinging and endorsement po...
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Reality Check: Readers Responses

Nice job on this one. (A QUESTION OF SECULAR FAITH – Issue: 2/15/12) It is amazing how the facts surrounding the origins of our nation have been hijacked by the same miserable jackasses who hijacked Christianit...
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The Contrarian: Hometown Blues

In my short run producing this column, I have written about New Jersey numerous times. One explanation is that there has been so much to write about. Anti-Bullying legislation without the money to make it work....
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Deleted Scenes: The Two-Hour Break

I was late getting home Sunday night from a show, and listening to the news on the radio, I heard a BBC report about how Russia was trying to pressure Syria to have a two-hour pause in their ongoing civilian sl...
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