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Deleted Scenes: It’s All Jersey Now

I know, if my life was a cartoon, this would be the point at which someone, presumably my dog, said to me, “South Park did it.” Who could argue? Just a matter of weeks ago, they dedicated a whole episode to the...
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Reality Check: March Of The Crazies

TEA Party Candidates Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party Two weeks out from Go Time and the Grand Old Party’s pre-hatched chickens have already been accounted for. Many in the know, including this spa...
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Deleted Scenes: Just Up From San Jose

I did not watch more than the couple minutes I could stand, and that by circumstance of being around while it was on, rather than any remote control agency on my part, but I caught some of the Chilean miner res...
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Reality Check: Reader’s Responses

Editor’s Note: Never in the 13-year history of this column has there been a response to a piece like WHY THE FUCK ISN’T KISS IN THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME? Apparently proving that rock and roll is far mor...
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