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Jerome David Salinger: 1919-2010

I say that the true artist-seer, the heavenly fool who can and does produce beauty, is mainly dazzled to death by his own scruples, the blinding shapes and colors of his own sacred human conscience. — J.D. S...

Reality Check: Barack Obama’s America, Year One

Change. It was all the rage in 2008 and it sure came into clear, brutal view in 2009. No one paying attention could imagine it emerging differently, not with the new guy resembling in no way the last forty-three guys, governing in no way like anyone since FDR, and facing a two-front war beneath one of the most damaged global economic meltdowns in history. Forget race, generation and a tinderbox political environment, rousing approval numbers and a mad scramble for a healthy slice of the New Democratic Party Power Pie; the moment Barack Obama raised his hand to swear his oath as leader of the free world, there was change.
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Metal Skull Wishes For 2010

Normal Metal Skull protocol dictates at this point that I engage in some kind of preview coverage of metal albums to be released this year. But I think by now you know as well as I do that shit’s lamer than hel...
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