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Green Day: Interview with Mike Dirnt

Green Day is the single band that this up and coming generation of pop-punkers has looked to for inspiration. From blue-haired Billie Joe Armstrong covered in mud at Woodstock ’94 to “Seinfeld” using “Good Ridd...
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Interview with Kings Of Leon

With youth, creativity and the rock press on their side, Kings Of Leon have just about thrust themselves into a position of doing no wrong. Their sophomore album Aha Shake Heartbreak and subsequent opening stin...
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Pixies: Interview with Frank Black

As leader of Boston-based ’80s indie rock icons, the Pixies, Frank Black inspired the entire ’90s Seattle grunge scene as well as various British shoegazers and mod garage rockers from far and wide. Becoming a ...
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Interview with Life Of Agony: The Return

Delirious with fever, Keith Caputo declared to the audience, “I don’t think we’ve played Roseland Ballroom in 10 years!” If you count the time Life Of Agony wasn’t a band, he’s right. It was a shockwave felt...
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Anthrax: Interview with Scott Ian

Sometime in March I got an e-mail saying that I was invited to a press conference at the Sirius Headquarters in NYC on April 1.Ya know what day that is righty, April Fools Day. So when it detailed that the subj...
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