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Catch A Red Fly/Blue Bottle

Let’s imagine that you have just found out that your companion has gone off to fight in a secret war for reasons that you are not privy to and has left you all alone with only an elderly entomologist for compan...
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The Paper Jets: Origami Rock

Much like real jet planes, The Paper Jets soar through the air, creating a loud, booming noise in the process. Their music, however, is much less airborne, hopping easily from airy acoustic pop to driving rock....
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Fiction Plane: Buckle Up, Flyers

Fiction Plane is famous for their single “It’s A Lie” and its Risky Business-influenced video, complete with the famous dancing scene. They’ve played their U2-like alt-rock all around the world. Plus, their sin...
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The Faceless: Twisting Guts

The five-piece technical band The Faceless are redefining the sound of death metal. Influenced by heroes Cannibal Corpse, these angel-faced boys are a younger version of Job For A Cowboy. See the resemblance? ...
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Sam Bisbee: Buzz Buzz Buzz

Sporting aviator sunglasses and a handsomely disheveled three-piece suit, Sam Bisbee looks like Elvis Costello disguised as the annoying jock kid that beat me up in middle school. His angelic voice and lush mel...
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Razorlight: Young And Strong

Five years young, the latest band to pop out of the British music scene is Razorlight who, in such a short amount of time (they formed in 2002), have catapulted their musical career into the forefront of the U...
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