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KATIEE: Passing The Sun

Relaxing, quiet, and soulful, Katie Eastern is embarking on a new path. You may remember her as the vocalist in the rock trio, Young People, but now she’s diverged into a different territory. Her solo project, ...
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Dawn Landes: Songspiration At Sea

Imagine making the decision to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean alone; not for the sake of satisfying the public, but more simply to satisfy personal ambition. The moral here, according to songwriter and perf...
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Emily King: Switching Things Up

Emily King is spicing things up this summer with not only a new batch of songs, but a tour to celebrate her fresh material. This soulful songstress is eager to show off her album, The Switch, to her adoring fan...
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COIN: Heating Up New York

Hailing from Nashville, COIN are jumping in on the fun. Celebrating the release of their debut, self-titled album, the foursome will embark on a series of tours this summer. Currently, they’re jamming it up wit...
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Milky Chance: The Stolen Season

Milky Chance have the world in their hands. After their debut album hit stores in Oct. 2013, they were propelled into instant adoration—not just in their hometown in Germany, though. All around the world the dy...
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Rob Bell: Spirits And Science

Earthly enthusiast Rob Bell is embarking on a voyage around the world to enlighten and inspire his willing listeners. The New York Times best seller is spreading his philosophy about the true, yet trippy connec...
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