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Rob Thomas: This Is How A Heart Break

Formerly of Matchbox 20 fame, Rob Thomas has made a name for himself as an incredibly consistent singer/songwriter with a penchant for writing superb radio hits. Songs such as “Streetcorner Symphony” and “Smoot...
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Survey Says!: Ode To The Newbies

Heading into the middle of their sixth tour of the year, ska/pop punk band, Survey Says!, is flying to fame. Their songs showcase the high-energy quintet singing and dancing around the stage, strumming not just...
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KATIEE: Passing The Sun

Relaxing, quiet, and soulful, Katie Eastern is embarking on a new path. You may remember her as the vocalist in the rock trio, Young People, but now she’s diverged into a different territory. Her solo project, ...
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Dawn Landes: Songspiration At Sea

Imagine making the decision to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean alone; not for the sake of satisfying the public, but more simply to satisfy personal ambition. The moral here, according to songwriter and perf...
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Emily King: Switching Things Up

Emily King is spicing things up this summer with not only a new batch of songs, but a tour to celebrate her fresh material. This soulful songstress is eager to show off her album, The Switch, to her adoring fan...
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COIN: Heating Up New York

Hailing from Nashville, COIN are jumping in on the fun. Celebrating the release of their debut, self-titled album, the foursome will embark on a series of tours this summer. Currently, they’re jamming it up wit...
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