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Mudvayne @ CBGB’s

Factor into the equation that the first time I saw Mudvayne perform, it was July 2000, and the members were sporting painted faces (but not black metal corpse paint) at the height of the Slipknot copycat craze,... Read More...

Omarion: O

B2K was pretty whack if you are an adult urban fan.That’s just the way it is. If you’re a preteen or a teen or were so when the shit was hot you might disagree but whatever, the shit was whack to these ears bec... Read More...
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Emok @ Knitting Factory NYC

What first caught my eye about the ground-level room of the Knitting Factory was the floor. At some point between the smoking ban and now, it has been replaced and it was so clean yuppies in expensive driving c... Read More...
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