Bands On The Verge

We opened up the floodgates over the last few months to bands throughout the tri-state area and beyond to submit their music to us. While we’re always looking for new bands, this time, we wanted a full-on assault of demos. Needless to say, we were really asking for it. These days, it’s a full-on assault of MySpace pages. The Aquarian staff (thanks promo team!) poured through hundreds of entries, and then, the mighty editor and fearsome publishers redlined and highlighted sheets of “paper” (whatever that is), and eventually, we came up with what you’ve got below: Bands on the verge. On the verge of? Well, something. You’ve seen some before, others are fresh faces. These acts are all doing something right, many of them just out of school, and with a little support, they could easily be your next troubadours, rockstars, metal gods and hipsters. Or not. It’s tough out there. But we believe, with a little help, this class of ‘09 will be worth watching in the coming months.