Interview with JB Brubaker from August Burns Red: Leveler Of The Playing Field

Fans sometimes get a little Peter Pan syndrome—we struggle with the fact that our favorite bands grow up. Bands progress and mature with time, and signature styles are often tested and changed as a result.

In the inundated arena of metalcore music, there’s a great deal of camaraderie and brotherhood …

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Korn @ Roseland Ballroom

NEW YORK, NY—On a crisp November night in New York City, a slew of 20, 30 and even 40-somethings congregated at Roseland Ballroom to experience a new metal sound.

Named for the forthcoming album of the same name due Dec. 6, The Path Of Totality tour fused the authenticity of …

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Interview with Mike Hranica from Devil Wears Prada: A New Claim To The Throne

In the metal marathon, musicianship is the key differentiator that separates the men from the boys. So for a band that titles its songs with phrases like “HTML Rulez D00d” and “Assistant To The Regional Manager” (a subtle homage to Dwight Shrute of The Office), one might assume a …

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Interview with Beau Bokan from Blessthefall: The Poised & Promised Ones

There is no real crying in metalcore. The genre is limited to hard-hitting bass lines and yo-yo guitar riffs accompanied by the screams and howls of a soul so tormented. Well, that’s just what they want you to think.

Phoenix, Arizona-bred metalcore quintet Blessthefall has experienced an Awakening of sorts. …

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Interview with Dustin Kensrue from Thrice: Making A Major Impact In Minor Rock Straits

Surviving and thriving as a band in 2011 is like walking a tightrope over alligator-infested water—risky, nerve wracking and death defying. Few acts from the ‘90s have managed to stay relevant, and more importantly, sell records, but even more discerning is the challenge to garner mainstream attention without “selling out”—whatever …

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A Perfect Circle @ Hammerstein Ballroom

NEW YORK, NY—The changing pace of the music industry and quick-shifting nature of what is deemed “popular” has challenged countless bands to stay relevant. A select few from the ‘90s have a propensity to deliver through innovative and dynamic albums that are complemented by equally enthralling performances. Five-piece super group …

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