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Reality Check: Desperate Democrats Lowball Strategy 2014

Karl Rove once told me that the only thing that matters when you are looking at miles of bad road is what you do to shorten it. I remember he let the “shhh” just roll through his teeth; “shhhhorten it.” They were gritted like a challenged pit bull. His eyes seemed weird, unfocused, as if he were thinking of six things at once. But his words rang true.

            That was in the summer of 2000 just outside of Orlando, Florida. I remembered it a few months later when his candidate eviscerated a blindsided John McCain in South Carolina with scurrilous rumors of a “Negro love child” and “Rabid atheism.” And I remembered it when Rove openly told reporters those last desperate weeks in the late-summer of 2004 that he was going to “rile the base with anti-gay” legislation. And his candidate won re-election.

I can’t recall who or what Rove elected both times. Another Bush? Perhaps it worked out. Maybe not. One thing is for certain, his arch enemies, the Democrats, have decided…

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Between & Beyond: Mystics

I woke this morning to find that Michael C. Ruppert, former LAPD officer turned whistleblower and ostracized activist, had committed suicide. VICE recently published a long exposé that caught up with Mike; at least it was a catch up for me. His name had left my radar for a long while but he had meant a good deal to me a long time ago. I also listened to Barbara Ehrenreich talking about her new book on the radio this week and this episode of my column was supposed to be my response to that. But maybe they are both related to my experience in the health food store yesterday…

Ehrenreich’s book is being billed as a drastic departure from her previous work. I listened excitedly as the radio host promised up next she would ask Ehrenreich about her strange mystical experiences which are the subject. Ehrenreich’s previous output has included the best selling Nickel & Dimed in which she came to the defense of low wage workers, but here she was revealing her deeply personal…

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An Interview with Eric Hutchinson: Pure Perfection

An Interview with Eric Hutchinson: Pure Perfection

Pop Singer-Songwriter Gets Back To Basics; Rhythm + Melody = Hit

It was one of those brutal New York City winter nights this past January when I met up with Eric Hutchinson at the Monkey Bar in midtown. He was sitting alone in a booth towards the front across from the bar dressed in a high-collar, blue zippered sweater and jeans, his hair a little longer, his face a little thinner. He looked relaxed, confident; as if he had shed the excess from his life and work. Ella Fitzgerald played softly on the jukebox. An elderly couple chatted at the far corner. Hutchinson ordered a Scotch, neat. I had my obligatory Hendricks and tonic, two limes, lots of ice. I had come to find out what was behind the songs I had lived with for two weeks on a first mix of his new album, which he would title, Pure Fiction.

“It’s called Pure Fiction, because when I finished writing the songs that would end up on this album and started looking them over,…

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Interview with We Are Scientists: Returning The Favor

Interview with We Are Scientists: Returning The Favor

Whenever New York-based rockers We Are Scientists put out a new album, their fans might get as equally stoked for the accompanying music videos as they do for the songs themselves. Perhaps best known for their comical video clips, We Are Scientists went all out on the flick for new single “Dumb Luck”—a gory yet hilarious visual romp that depicts our unfortunate heroes suffering a variety of over-the-top and (very!) bloody physical injuries.

Memorable images aside, the band’s latest record, TV En Français, is designed to prove the music is what matters most. With hotshot indie producer Chris Coady (Beach House, TV On The Radio, Grizzly Bear) guiding the ship, guitarist/vocalist Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain have concocted their most creative, engaging batch of songs to date. Though “Dumb Luck” boasts the memorable riff/hummable chorus formula that has become a WAS signature, overall the new album reveals some different sounds for the band. “Return The Favor” features an almost ethereal guitar line and vocal, while “Overreacting” breaks from spacey verses into a completely…

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15 Must-Own Releases On Record Store Day 2014

15 Must-Own Releases On Record Store Day 2014

April has come around again, and with it comes a much-needed surcease of the cruel winter that plagued us for so long. And Record Store Day too, for that matter. This year, the 19th is the third Saturday of the month, meaning that it’s also the day to head out to your favorite local record store and kiss your paycheck goodbye.

As is tradition, just as some extra incentive for you to get off your ass, a long list of artists have put together some special releases. Those that know what RSD is undoubtedly have their shopping lists put together, but for those that are new to the ritual, here is a list of some of our favorite picks for Record Store Day 2014:


The Animals, The Animals EP; ABKCO

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of The Animals’ self-titled second British EP. It features “Boom Boom,” “Around And Around,” “Dimples,” and “I’ve Been Around,” the first of which was a major hit for the band. This will be the first United States release…

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Boy & Bear @ Bowery Ballroom

Boy & Bear

Bowery Ballroom

March 24, 2014

MANHATTAN, NY—Dave Hosking first gained local attention with a song he uploaded for a local radio station in his native Sydney, Australia. In time, he met another singer-songwriter, Killian Gavin, and the pair started jamming together. They met bassist Jake Tarasenko and drummer Tim Hart, both of whom had fronted their own groups, and they became Boy & Bear, an indie folk-pop band, in 2009. When Hart’s brother, Jon Hart, joined on banjo, mandolin and keyboards, the quintet’s lineup was complete. (Tarasenko was later replaced by present bassist Dave Symes.) The band’s 2011 debut album, Moonfire, earned them five prizes…

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Black Label Society: Catacombs Of The Black Vatican

Black Label Society

Catacombs Of The Black Vatican

eOne Music

After having the chance to interview the man, Zakk Wylde, himself, a couple of weeks ago and then listening to his latest opus, Catacombs Of The Black Vatican, everything that he said in the interview makes total sense. Yes, Catacombs does sound like every other Black Label record, but…

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