An Interview With Alice Cooper: Why Not Alice?  Alice Cooper Launches Late Run For The Presidency As Chaos Reigns

An Interview With Alice Cooper: Why Not Alice? Alice Cooper Launches Late Run For The Presidency As Chaos Reigns

“A Troubled Man for Troubled Times!” reads the banner unfurled on main streets and town squares everywhere across the fruited plains. A rendering of a recognizable face adorned in disturbing deep-black eye makeup grins like the Cheshire Cat beneath the quaint tip of a top hat—his long, ebony locks drape the shoulders of his alabaster tuxedo. He is impish and defiant, a past filled with triumphs, resurrections, and a whole lot of rocking.

Alice Cooper wants your vote for president this fall.

“Do you know how un-political I am?” he chuckles down a phone-line from Nashville, Tennessee, somewhere along the campaign trail. “I can’t imagine why anybody would want to be president!” A welcomed sentiment for an electorate whose majority not only sees corruption and failure in government, but a foul distaste for the current front-running candidates from both major parties.

Why not The Coop? Why not now?

“Yeah…why not me?” he exclaims with the strident glow of a contender. “I have tee shirts to sell!”

The man who defined shock rock, parody, satire, and …

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Buckcherry Brings Back 15 and Rock ‘N’ Roll: An Interview With Josh Todd

Buckcherry Brings Back 15 and Rock ‘N’ Roll: An Interview With Josh Todd

Emerging at a time when rock music began to feel homogenized and bands were resigning to the pressures of pop culture, Buckcherry said f*ck all that and did their own thing. The punk-rooted band from Los Angeles, fronted by Josh Todd, started writing songs that were visceral and, ultimately, sustaining. Their self-titled album released in 1999 featured the hit “Lit Up,” which went to number one on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Meanwhile, the energetic, cocaine-inspired song fired up audiences and earned the band a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2000. The artfully-tattooed bad boys from L.A. served up unapologetic lyrics with in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll winning over fans and critics.

Buckcherry then experienced personal and professional struggles that led to a four-year hiatus. Some wondered if resurgence was possible after their 2001 effort Time Bomb wasn’t as well received. Todd reignited the band along with founding member and guitarist Keith Nelson. Buckcherry arrived onto the scene refreshed and reignited. In 2005, they unleashed new material with Jimmy Ashurst on bass, …

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An Interview With Brian Fallon: We Sing With Our Heroes

An Interview With Brian Fallon: We Sing With Our Heroes

After an eventful summer filled with various festival appearances here and there, Garden State’s beloved singer-songwriter, Brian Fallon, is back on the road once again to begin another supporting tour to celebrate his latest studio effort, Painkillers. Since the record’s release this past spring, Painkillers received great praise from Fallon’s devoted fanbase—especially through heart-pounding singles like “Steve McQueen,” “A Wonderful Life,” and “Among Other Foolish Things.” While Fallon charms his audience with a serene arrangement that is slightly reminiscent to The Gaslight Anthem, Painkillers is a blissful testament that genuinely unveils his true colors as a solo artist.

Covering the basics before he started his North American tour, I got to chat with Brian Fallon about this month-long run of shows, the reception of Painkillers, Bruce Springsteen’s recent record-breaking gigs and his upcoming appearance at Manhattan’s Terminal 5.

This week, you’ll be staring off a month-long tour in North America before heading out to the UK and Europe later in the fall. What were some of your personal highlights of the summer?

Well, …

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An Interview With Wednesday 13: Blood, Guts, And Rock ‘N’ Roll

An Interview With Wednesday 13: Blood, Guts, And Rock ‘N’ Roll

Like a bat out of Hell, Wednesday 13 is taking the States’ venues by storm with fellow horror-lovers, One-Eyed Doll. But before the two bands joined forces, Wednesday 13 had to spend copious amounts of time in the recording studio to put a dent in creating a brand new record for his adoring fans. Although the record, Condolences, won’t be released until sometime in 2017, there may be a chance at getting a sneak peek at a new song this tour.

Luckily, I was able to catch him for a brief conversation to catch up on tour life and the importance of our beloved Halloween season. So, get ready to deck the halls with cobwebs and zombies, dig out those old vampire fangs and cloaks, and get ready for a wild tour. This seasoned musician is prepared for wicked theatrics and some cool tricks and treats.

How did you prepare for the tour?

Uhm, we’ve been really busy because we were recording our album and that led right into tour, so I was trying …

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Shoreworld: Iron Bridge Band – Against The Grain

Shoreworld: Iron Bridge Band – Against The Grain

Influenced by vinyl and cassette-era rock, Monmouth-based Iron Bridge Band bring together classic rock ‘n’ roll, fused with roots-rock and hints of a Southern soul by way of thoughtfully crafted songs, four-part vocal harmonies and reflective lyrics. The music is a considerably upbeat collaboration of edgy melodic guitar riffs, laden with fist-pumping, sing-along hooks, and melodic arrangements.

Iron Bridge Band is a genuine band in every sense, and their music is a collaboration of authentic musicians who feel, groove and vibe. As the band’s bio states, “They bring intimacy and that intangible musical connection you can’t quantify with just pure musicianship alone. Their music has depth, realism, tells a story and is felt before it is heard. The band has been writing, recording and performing together since 2010 and has opened for national touring acts such as The Outlaws, Blackhawk and John Eddie.”

Whenever I hear about a band that references those vinyl and cassette days of music, I’m immediately intrigued. In an era of digital downloads and television singing contests, it’s refreshing to know …

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The Last Waltz 40th Anniversary Celebration @ Damrosch Park

The Last Waltz 40th Anniversary Celebration

Damrosch Park

The Band first came together as rockabilly singer Ronnie Hawkins’ backing group, The Hawks, between 1958 and 1963. In 1965, Bob Dylan hired the musicians for his U.S. tour in 1965 and world tour in 1966. The group began performing apart from Dylan as The Band in 1968 and released 10 studio albums, ending its touring career with a star-studded concert in 1976 in San Francisco, California. This performance became Martin Scorsese’s 1978 documentary film, The Last Waltz. The Band recommenced touring in 1983 without guitarist Robbie Robertson, and occasionally resurfaced with various lineups until bassist Rick Danko’s death …

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Peter Vitalone: The Side Of The Dirt

Peter Vitalone

The Side Of The Dirt


Upon first listen, about 35 seconds into “Into Me I See,” the first track on Peter Vitalone’s latest album, This Side Of The Dirt¸ I thought to myself, “This is something my parents would enjoy.” And though, to some, that could be construed as a bit of an insult, …

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