Shoreworld: Spoondrift – When I Close My Eyes

Shoreworld: Spoondrift – When I Close My Eyes

I’ve known Tommy Fuller for several years and have featured him here in Shoreworld in the past. Tommy Fuller and musical partner Jan Heywood are Spoondrift.

Jan Heywood got his musical start in the family, taking up piano before ditching that for guitar and eventually gravitating toward bluegrass, learning banjo and mandolin. One thing led to another as he joined a band and started shopping labels. He ended up recording at The Hit Factory and The Record Plant, striking up friendships with A&R honchos from Columbia Records who started using him on recordings of artists that they were thinking of signing. After a while, Heywood decided that the country life was for him and moved to a 240-acre farm in the Ozark Mountains. It was while he was here that he met and played with several members of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, delving into rock and bluegrass. At one point he returned to the East Coast to take care of family, and that’s where he hooked up with Tommy Fuller.

Fuller has also had an …

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Rant ‘n’ Roll: Timely Swing, Jazz News, Norwegian Reflections, A Brooklyn Octet, Heavenly Harp, & A Dog Leg Dilemma

Rant ‘n’ Roll: Timely Swing, Jazz News, Norwegian Reflections, A Brooklyn Octet, Heavenly Harp, & A Dog Leg Dilemma

Eight O’Five Jive, Nashville TN-based swing band. photos by Bill Steber

They’re called Eight O’Five Jive and their Swing Set (Red Rudy Too Tunes) is a thoroughly delightful time trip back to before rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve always wondered (and felt a little sorry for) generations who didn’t have that rock kick to let off steam. I have metal friends who tell me they need their metal to release their inner rage. No other music works as well. I can understand that. Nashville’s Eight O’Five Jive has reminded me that prior to Ike Turner masterminding what is arguably the first rock ‘n’ roll record (“Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston in 1951), folks turned to swing to get their craziness out in the open and on to the dance floor. It works as well as rock ‘n’ roll, kids!

That said, vocalist Lee Shropshire is right there with such belters as Big Maybelle, Little Esther and Memphis Minnie (three obvious influences whom she covered on the band’s 2014 Too Many Men debut). Now, on their sophomore …

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Everynight Charley’s Manhattan Beat: Greensky Bluegrass, Mondo Cozmo, Andrew Bird, and more

Everynight Charley’s Manhattan Beat: Greensky Bluegrass, Mondo Cozmo, Andrew Bird, and more

Greensky Bluegrass/PlayStation Theater/January 28, 2017

Michael Arlen Bont (banjo), Dave Bruzza (guitar), and Paul Hoffman (mandolin) began learning to play bluegrass together in 2000 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, playing in Bont’s basement and also at parties and open mics. Greensky Bluegrass grew into a quintet and by 2005, the band was touring nationally. Greensky Bluegrass won the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition in 2006, earning the band a spot on the main stage of the 2007 festival and augmenting the band’s notoriety with each passing festival. Greensky Bluegrass presently consists of Bont, Bruzza, Hoffman, Michael Devol on upright bass and Anders Beck on resonator guitar. The band’s sixth and most recent album, Shouted, Written Down & Quoted, was released on September 23, 2016.

With each tour, Greensky Bluegrass’ New York City audience has doubled in size. Starting at the apartment-sized Sullivan Hall, the group went on to headline Irving Plaza on its previous tour, and now headlined the PlayStation Theater, unheard of for a bluegrass band in New York. The performance highlighted why this was …

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Reality Check: Out Like Flynn

Or How To Go From Inauguration To Constitutional Crisis In 25 Days         

This dawning of the Trump Experiment could have gone two ways (since we eliminated “business as usual” from the get-go): surprisingly efficient or horribly wrong. Less than a month in it is careening towards the latter.

A bumpy start tumbled into erratic (fabricated hissy fit on non-existent massive voter fraud) and embarrassing (insulting foreign leaders, alienating Mexico), then weird (some piece of grift theater called “alternative facts” and whatever you call that press conference this week), onto combative (blaming the media for everything; “Leaks are real, news is fake”), and then, of course, the really illegal (unconstitutional executive order on immigration ban) until finally we found ourselves dealing with the treasonous. When the National Security Advisor resigns amidst an egregious international scandal worthy of some cheap spy novel before the ass groove in the main chair at the Oval Office is comfy, we’ve got problems.

For the record, I whole-heartedly agree with the president’s defense that his administration is not in chaos, we’re …

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Kam on Film: Oscar Predictions 2017 – Your Guide To The Academy Awards

Will La La Land make history by eclipsing the record of 11 Academy Awards? Damien Chazelle’s magical homage to the Hollywood musical definitely has a decent shot. After all, it’s a lock to win in five categories: Best Picture, Director, Score, Original Song, and Sound Mixing. And it’s the heavy favorite in another five: Lead Actress, Cinematography, Costume Design, Production Design and Film Editing.

That leaves Sound Editing, Original Screenplay and Lead Actor. La La‘s best shot at tying the record will be by beating the World War II epic, Hacksaw Ridge, in Sound Editing.

If successful there, it has two paths to 12. Unfortunately, Ryan Gosling is unlikely to win for Lead Actor because he’s up against some very stiff competition in Casey Affleck and Denzel Washington. That leaves Original Screenplay where Manchester By The Sea has the advantage by virtue of its being a super-realistic drama as opposed to an escapist musical fantasy.

Nevertheless, I’m optimistic that the Academy voters will pull the lever for the very-deserving La La Land a …

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Steve Earle & Friends @ The Town Hall

Steve Earle & Friends

The Town Hall

MANHATTAN, NY—Three-time Grammy Award winning, New York-based folk/country/rock singer-songwriter Steve Earle has a six-year-old son living with autism. On Dec. 5, 2016, Earle headlined the second annual benefit concert at The Town Hall to benefit the school his son attends. The concert featured Steve Earle & the Dukes performing Earle’s 1986 breakthrough album, Guitar Town, in its entirety for the first time in New York in 30 years. The concert also featured performances by Graham Nash, Shawn Colvin and Matt Savage.

The concert started with Earle introducing Savage, an autistic jazz and classical pianist from Sudbury, Massachusetts. Colvin performed …

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NOFX: First Ditch Effort


First Ditch Effort

Fat Wreck Chords

For the last 30 years, punk rock legends, NOFX, remained in the spotlight by pushing the boundaries of music and of the times. They were formed in 1983, but did not find much success until the release of their fifth studio album, Punk In Drublic, in 1994. The band …

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