An Interview with The Used: In Need Of A Revolution

An Interview with The Used: In Need Of A Revolution

For more than a decade, post-hardcore act The Used has remained constantly on the go, touring seemingly endlessly and releasing albums at a similar pace, with their most recent record, Imaginary Enemy, dropping last spring. They shocked fans earlier this year with the announcement that guitarist and founding member Quinn Allman would be taking a temporary leave from the group, calling upon Saosin’s Justin Shekoski to take his place.

Now embarking on a headlining tour alongside Every Time I Die with direct support from Marmozets and The Eeries, the band has a special live show planned for the crowd, promising to make the concert a night to remember. Bassist Jeph Howard, also an original member, took time to discuss the new positive energy they have discovered, what Shekoski brings to The Used, and a possible 15-year anniversary tour in the works.

So the band is heading out on tour with Every Time I Die. What are you most excited about for this run?

            For one, we’re excited about being on tour with Every Time …

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Gotta Get It Right: An Interview with Sixx:A.M. and Apocalyptica

Gotta Get It Right: An Interview with Sixx:A.M. and Apocalyptica

I’ve never kept it a secret in all of my columns that Mötley Crüe might be my favorite band of all time. I’ve also never kept it a secret that bassist Nikki Sixx has been my idol since childhood. That being said, when Sixx:A.M., Nikki’s side-project, released The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack back in 2007, there was a new excitement in me like a little school girl that Nikki Sixx was going to be doing this for a little while longer even after Mötley Crüe hung up their instruments for good. Well, the latter actually happens at the end of 2015 and Sixx:A.M. hits the road for the first time this month since Crue Fest in 2009, something Sixx:A.M. fans have been longing for since. Sixx:A.M. has released two studio albums since The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, which rumors are saying is being turned into a Broadway play. In 2011, they released This Is Gonna Hurt and this past October, Modern Vintage.

On April 24, Sixx:A.M. brings their sold-out show to the Starland Ballroom in …

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Hit The Lights Come Back Harder, Faster And Stronger

Hit The Lights Come Back Harder, Faster And Stronger

Ohio rockers Hit The Lights are a band that learned to recognize trends and what works during their 10-plus years, positioning themselves as a potential trendsetter with a new album that highlights the punk rock quintet’s best qualities.

Hit The Lights’ new album, Summer Bones, which released on March 24, is a testament to the growing musicianship in the band, highlighted by guitarists Kevin Mahoney and Omar Zehery’s heavier, faster and more complex riffs, held together by bassist Dave Bermosk and drummer Nate Van Damme’s thunderous rhythm section.

Furthermore, the new album has been a public and critical success, earning comparisons to the band’s 2008 smash, Skip Schools, Start Fights, while starkly standing out as Hit the Lights’ most musically aggressive album yet.

Lyrically, Hit The Lights are known to weave and spellbind listeners with lyrics that flirt with wordplay and catch on like the common cold, usually focusing on heartbreaks and negatives, but their latest album is a refreshing blend of their staple writing style shedding things in a more positive light.…

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An Interview with The Mowgli’s: Living The Dream

An Interview with The Mowgli’s: Living The Dream

Every now and then, a band comes along that makes you smile; whether it’s their live set, their album, or any time you hear their song come on the radio you have to turn it up. In this scenario, I am talking about California natives The Mowgli’s. Since the day I heard their debut smash “San Francisco” off of their debut record, Waiting For The Dawn, I knew there was something about them that would make me a hardcore fan.

Well, I was right. After a few more singles, seeing them live twice, and now eagerly awaiting their upcoming release, Kids In Love (to be released April 14), I think it’s safe to say I was over the moon to interview them. I had the chance to speak with Katie Jayne Earl, vocalist and percussion for The Mowgli’s, about any and everything they have going on right now. Let’s just say they are just as excited for their new music as we are. Check it out below!

Thanks so much for taking the time

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30 Must-Own Releases For Record Store Day 2015

30 Must-Own Releases For Record Store Day 2015

As spring finally rolls around, there are a few things to be excited for: longer days, warmer weather, and of course, Record Store Day. This year the exciting day when artists rerelease their albums will take place on April 18. RSD is a day to revisit your favorite artists as well as check out some new ones while supporting your local independent record stores. In case you haven’t already thought about which releases you’ll be wanting to pick up, here’s a little help:


Foo Fighters, Songs From The Laundry Room; RCA

With just having recently released their album Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters did not forget about RSD. As this year’s ambassador, Dave Grohl and the band are releasing a four-track exclusive every Foo Fighter fan needs in their collection. Songs From The Laundry Room features demos of “Big Me,” “Alone + Easy Target” and “Empty Handed,” an unreleased track. Also included is “Kids In America,” a cover of Kim Wilde’s hit song.


Florence + The Machine, What Kind Of Man; …

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The Collector’s Cabinet @ Morbid Anatomy Museum

The Collector’s Cabinet

Morbid Anatomy Museum

January 23, 2015

BROOKLYN, NY—A wine and cheese party was held at this uniquely eccentric Brooklyn museum to celebrate the opening of a new, mind-boggling exhibition, called The Collector’s Cabinet, the second at this institution since its opening last June.

The festivities began when curator and co-founder Joanna Ebenstein introduced the exhibitors, each a collector of oddly interesting items, and invited them to expound upon the items in their own display assemblage. Antique dealers, eccentrics and hoarders of unusual artworks plus a few medical professionals made up the list of contributors.

The range of things on display was eclectic to say the least, …

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A Skylit Drive: Rise Ascension

A Skylit Drive

Rise Ascension

Tragic Hero

California rock band A Skylit Drive have recently released their latest album, Rise: Ascension. The group previously released four successful records and decided to make the fifth entirely acoustic. Rise: Ascension contains the same songs from their last release, Rise, dropping their post-hardcore sound. While their more extreme …

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