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Audio & Equipment

★ Paying cash for vinyl LP record albums. Rock, Reggae, Blues , Elvis , Jazz, Punk, Metal , Psychedelic. Call or text Rick 908-616-7104. Not buying country, classical, opera, Christmas, Children's music, or popular singers like Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett. Will come to you or meet in a public place.. Call Rick at 908-616-7104

★ Drummer with drumming equipment available if needed in the rock, pop, oldies, jazz, and country sphere.. Contact Jeff at 973-279-7703.


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Bands / Musicians - Others

★ I am a frontman and composer is seeking talented musicians who can help me with my vision and make my dreams come true. Talented bassist, drummer, hard hitters for gigs lined up and are ready to rock with gear. Must be eager to learn a setlist of originals on the lines of Sabbath, Maiden, and Dio. Must be a professional and ready to perform at places like The Bitter End so we can grow our fanbase. If interested contact Bruce at


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