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Renaissance: Blast From The Past

Classical rock is coming back as Renaissance celebrates their 40th anniversary with a tour along the East Coast. After some time being broken up, members of the band reunited to create a new album back in 2001....
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B.o.B: Also Known As

Usually it’s after a hip-hop artist lands their first few big singles, they start changing their name. B.o.B breaks the mold by flip-flopping with the moniker “Bobby Ray” before his first album even dropped. Sp...
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Amazing Baby: Combover Contest!

Amazing Baby is another Brooklyn-based band that uses too much reverb, has the same haircut, and wears ironic t-shirts and big sunglasses. Their indie psychedelic rock tunes have a little bit of a Stone Roses ...
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Foreigner: Badass Red Jeans

I wish I could possess the powers of ‘70s rock gods by making people cold as ice, then hot blooded, and giving them double vision with my vintage Foreigner belt, but the world can’t be as perfect as it is on Aq...
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Hot Cha Cha: Lo-fi Girls

Borrowing from the esthetic sounds of Kim Gordon, Sleater Kinney, and Karen O, Cleveland-based band Hot Cha Cha create a fun punk/new wave formula that is sure to get hips shaking. Their exploding vagina drawin...
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Push Play: Where For Art Thou Romeo?

Starting off with a bang, the newest band to emerge onto the scene is Long Island bred group Push Play. At Just 19-years-old these guys are already creating quite a buzz and eager fans are anticipating the rele...
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