ISIS: In The Absence Of Truth

Abandoning their love affair with one-word album titles, Isis have once again turned a tonal corner for In The Absence Of Truth. A darker, murkier listen against 2004’s Panopticon, the latest from the Californian five-piece has an unsure quality to it, mysterious and foreboding, placing their crystalline tones …

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Totimoshi: Ladrón

What’s so immediate about Oakland, CA’s Totimoshi’s latest full-length is the flow. Right from the start, on the six and a half minute semi title track “Ladrón In Virgo,” you almost can’t tell where one song ends and another begins. Entrancing and warm, Ladrón is easily Totimoshi’s best work to …

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Dark Globe: Nostalgia For The Future

Dark Globe are a British electronica duo, featuring a rotating cast of singers spread throughout their curiously-titled debut, Nostalgia For The Future, most of which was culled from 12”, random EPs and mixes as early as 2003. With a predominant up-tempo downbeat-driven sound, it’s obvious Dark Globe are maintaining …

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Wired All Wrong: Break Out The Battle Tapes

Wired All Wrong are Jeff Turzo from God Lives Underwater, and Matt Mahaffey from the less-recognizable Self. The two, drawn by some mystical force, decided it would be a really good idea to make music together. It is to wonder.

Most of the tracks on the record come off like …

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Mouth Of The Architect: The Ties That Bind

The first 30 seconds of opener “Boabab” do plenty to sum up what’s at the core of Mouth Of The Architect’s second full-length for Translation Loss. It is a massive, plodding, methodical and insurmountable wall of riffing. Though the band changes up the tempo a little more than on their …

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Against Me!: Americans Abroad: Live

Against Me!, known for their constant touring and use of an exclamation point, highlight both these aspects on their new live record, which contains tracks from As The Eternal Cowboy, Reinventing Axl Rose and Searching For A Former Clarity. The record also features an unreleased song, “Americans Abroad,” …

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Edgewater: We’re Not Robots

We’re Not Robots is a problematic title for an album. So is PeoplePC commercial cover art. But nothing quite prepared me for what was to come inside—nu-metal.

That’s right, a genre that for all intents and purposes was put out to pasture at least half a decade ago, with only …

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Messer für Frau Müller: Triangle, Dot & Devil

An affair of overloaded minimalism, Triangle, Dot & Devil is an instrumental work from the duo of Oleg Kostrow and Oleg Gitarkin. Drum machines, synths, guitar and bass are employed for a slightly updated, jazzy dance sound reminiscent of antebellum hedonism and flappers.

It’s fairly quirky and, on a whole, …

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Strapping Young Lad: The New Black

SYL frontman Devin Townsend has made public his intention to take a break from making albums following the touring cycle for The New Black. It’s not unreasonable, given the body of work he’s amassed over the last several years. Between Strapping, the Devin Townsend Band, his production work and …

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Plaid & Bob Jaroc: Greedy Baby

A collaborative audio-visual effort, Greedy Baby is a new work from electronica duo Plaid and video artist Bob Jaroc. As a CD/DVD set, the work is not entirely tied to its visual content, but it’s unjust to discuss the audio without the visual and vice versa.

Beginning with the introductory …

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