Fall Out Boy vs. Gym Class Heroes: Pete Wentz And Travis McCoy Square Off

Is there any pressure involved with playing a show this big?

Pete: That’s not the kind of pressure I worry about at all. I have more of a social nervousness. I get nervous ordering food from waiters—I’ll stutter and mumble. But onstage is the only place I really feel at home, I guess.

Travis: I get nervous before playing any show. I think anyone who says they don’t get nervous is lying to you. You need the butterflies, you know what I mean? Opening for Gwen Stefani was the biggest shows we’ve played yet and the experience was nerve-wracking. But I think if I wasn’t nervous I wouldn’t be as interested in playing and it wouldn’t be as fun.

If your band was to cover a song from the other’s band, which song would you pick?

Pete: I think I’d like to cover Gym Class’ ‘Viva The White Girl.’ I think the fact that the song is giant cocaine reference. I don’t know a whole lot about coke or whatever, but it’s funny.

Travis: I have a ton of favorite Fall Out Boy songs, but I would probably say ‘XO,’ from Under The Cork Tree. That’s one of my favorite songs and it will probably be one of my favorites for a while. We used to do ‘Dance Dance’—or at least the first four bars of it. We like to do covers people won’t expect, like we used to cover a song from Guttermouth. People’s jaws would just drop. And then they would start to beat the shit out of each other.

What is the craziest thing a fan has said or given to you?

Pete: The craziest thing someone gave me was probably bloody razorblades. That was a little weird. It’s also kind of crazy when people say to you, ‘Wow, I really liked your show. I had a good time and really connected with it.’ It’s more just flattering, but if hearing that ever becomes normal in your life I think that’s a problem.

Travis: A couple came up to me and said that they make love to ‘Viva The White Girl.’ It’s the closest we’ve come to making R&B, and what’s better to make love to than R&B? People are making love to Gym Class, that’s a beautiful thing.

What is the best rumor you’ve heard about your band?

Pete: There’s a picture of us getting an award that looks like Patrick and I are kissing each other so there’s a rumor where Patrick and I are dating. There’s this whole section of the Fall Out Boy Internet that’s dedicated to our relationship.

Travis: The best rumor is that me and Kelly Osborne got married. That was kinda funny. There’s also rumor that me and William Beckett [from The Academy Is…] are a couple. You never know. People always have to have something to read and talk about if they have boring lives. So I let them do what they will with it. I don’t even bother lashing out at the rumors; I laugh at them.

What are the best rumors you’ve heard about each other?

Pete: I’ve heard one that we write all their songs. I hear about Travis all the time. Lots of relationship rumors.

Travis: There’s so many! Gosh! Probably the whole Ashlee being pregnant thing. That was funny. To me, those blogs are like car crashes. You don’t want to look, but you have to. It’s like when you’re picking your nose and you’re like, ‘Man that felt so good I gotta look at this booger to see how big it is.’

Do you want to take this opportunity to start any rumors about each other?

Pete: Yeah definitely. Let’s say the rumor I would love to start is that everyone should go out and buy their record because it’s really bad, and if you want to hear how bad it is you should get it.

Travis: No no. I’ll leave it in the hands of the fans.