Interview with Black Gold: Silver And Gold

So your first tour was supporting Panic At The Disco, who obviously play huge venues. What was it like playing to such large audiences on your first tour as Black Gold?

Eric: Well, it’s definitely a bizarre experience for a band on the search to be playing in front of thousands and thousands of people, but the basic idea of just getting in front of a lot of people and playing is something that Than and I are pretty comfortable with and have done a fair amount of, so at least we had that under our belts. But it really is a significant difference when you’re walking up there, and you’re really exposing yourself and your own songs. I think that there was a lot of anticipation going in that first show that we opened for Panic on, but I think once we got up on the stage, it really didn’t take long. I really feel like it was just that first step up onto the stage that just settled everything. Then it was like, ‘Alright, let’s get down to business and let’s rock this thing.’

Than: I think for Eric it was a little bit easier since he had been on tour with Panic. It’s weird, but I think, Eric, you were kind of used to playing in front of these huge crowds. For me, I’ve played in front of many pretty decent-sized crowds too, but to step out in a literal sports arena for your third show and there’s like all these huge security people and the backstage area. It’s a sports arena, so there’s all these crazy dressing rooms and weird little tunnels so it’s a little jarring at first.

But like what Eric said, once you get up there and start playing a couple of tunes and then you get warm reception from the crowd, which we were lucky enough to get, then you become acclimated really quickly. But those first initial moments just walking out on that stage, which is ginormous, and just seeing these people—it’s a sports arena, you can’t believe you’re in there at first. You’re like, ‘Holy shit.’ But then once you start to jam it out, and then after that first song when you hear this warm roar from the crowd, you’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s fucking do this.’

Are you guys going to take a break from your other musical commitments or projects for a while to focus on Black Gold?

Eric: Yeah, for the most part, this Black Gold thing has kind of taken over our lives in the best way possible. It’s definitely diminished the time that we have available to really do anything else. But yeah, actually, I’m going to be playing a couple of shows in the next couple weeks with Panic as well just because we have a short hole in our schedule before we head out on tour in February. Yeah, I think we’ll be continuing to work with other people, but I think you can just expect to see it a whole lot less now that things are really happening for Black Gold.

Black Gold’s debut album, Rush, will be released on Feb. 3. Catch the duo at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on March 5 and at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ, on March 6. For more info, head to or