Electric Touch: British By Way Of Texas

Actually, one of the press-kit claims to fame is that the sandwich beat out both The Killers and Kings Of Leon on FMQB’s Commercial Specialty SubModern chart back in January. Not bad for a band that only recorded its self-titled debut in late 2007, just a few months before playing the show—its first—that got them signed to Houston-based Justice Records and scored them a tour with The Fratellis and The Airborne Toxic Event, mates of theirs don’tcha know.

Five months and a Rolling Stone spread later, Shane’s liberty-drunk bravado continueth.

“We want to be the biggest band in the world and it starts with being the best band in the world,” he says.

For the kid who grew up not in the Long-Live-King-Richard Nottingham—which apparently doesn’t exist outside of Disney happy endings—but in the Prince-John-distributive-dystopia Nottingham (“Squeeze every last drop out of those insolent, musical peasants!”)—which apparently does—the reasons are personal. And obvious.

“It’s not really hard to work like this,” he says. “When the factory is waiting for you and that’s your destiny and that’s what you’re fighting against, you don’t need anybody or anything to make you any more eager to succeed. I say this Shakespeare thing a lot, but summer’s lease has all too short a date. Before you know it, life is over. You really have to do it now. Never put off anything that you could do today.”

Like giving interviews after a seven hour practice to dudes who ramble your dinner cold about the exotic way you say “to-mah-to” and other important issues.

So go ahead—get back to your cheeseburger or hotdog or apple pie or whatever it is you’ve been trying to get to for an hour.

The daydream believer laughs.

“Fish and chips, actually,” he says. “What an English clee-shay.”

Catch Electric Touch at one of their three local dates: July 29 @ Crash Mansion in NYC; July 30 @ Pianos in NYC; Aug. 1 @ All Points West in Jersey City, NJ. electrictouchmusic.com.