From Devastation To Bliss: Interview With Vision Of Disorder’s Tim Williams

Is that feeling that it wasn’t fun anymore what ultimately led to the original break up?

Yeah, definitely.

At what point does it become not fun?

It becomes unfun in my own personal experience when you’re out there working your ass off—because this does become work after a while—when you’re out there every day of your life and you’re never home and going from place to place, traveling in unsafe conditions and having no backup from anybody. Basically being led out onto the road and being made to fend for yourselves, where your label isn’t behind you, your management is a bunch of jerkoffs, and things don’t get done. You’re out there killing yourself, you show up to a club and there’s no posters up, there’s no push, there’s no nothing from anybody, and that’s when it becomes really unfun, in my own personal experience. I’ve been lucky enough that my band members that I choose to affiliate myself with, we usually become really good friends and pretty much brothers. Sure you get your little beef here and there and that comes with the territory but for the most part all projects I’ve been involved with I still talk to every single person.

It depends where you are in your head and what you want out of it and what you expect out of it. A lot of the outside factors can definitely make it miserable and you can make yourself miserable too. It’s not an easy business, but it’s a lot of fun, and I’ve never done it for the money (laughs) obviously. I do it because I love it. I’ll always do it. I don’t care who’s behind me, I’ll always do it. And I’ve been pretty successful by most people’s standards, so I’m going to keep cranking out records no matter what.

Vision Of Disorder perform at the 10 Bands For $10 Tour hitting Starland Ballroom on Aug. 8.