Interview With Robert Ortiz of Escape The Fate: It’s All About Chemistry

Escape The Fate, a band out of Las Vegas, is out to prove that they mean business. After forming in 2004, they quickly rose in the ranks of alternative hardcore music. After signing with Epitaph, they released their debut EP and a full-length album in 2006. When Dying Is Your Latest Fashion was well received, things were looking good for the young band. In months to come, however, lineup changes and personal problems with band members left fans wondering where the band would end up.

After adding singer Craig Mabbitt, Escape The Fate released their second full-length, This War Is Ours, in October of 2008. Their second released marked the competition of their first full tour. Escape The Fate found themselves performing at festivals like Soundwave, Bamboozle and Warped Tour. After two years of inner turmoil and controversy, the band seemed to be making it.

Almost immediately after their last album was released, Escape The Fate began writing the follow up. Few people were as excited for their third studio album as their drummer, Robert Ortiz. After catching up with Ortiz, I found out the key to the new album: “Chemistry.” During the writing and release of This War Is Ours, the band, with Mabbitt as the new singer, had not been together for long. When it came time for the new record however, the lineup had been touring and playing with each other for almost two years. Ortiz seemed to think that everyone’s interests were clear during the production of their third, self-titled studio album. Ortiz remarked, “There were some little disagreements, but for the most part, recording this album was easier and fun.”

He also commented on his band’s sound, and where they fit in. “We aren’t a bunch of pop pussies, but we also aren’t hardcore metal either.” You can listen to this album and think, ‘This is Escape The Fate.’ The simple cover art shows that this album is simply us. It’s the title and our pictures.”

Robert and I also talked about the collaboration with Mick Mars of Motley Crue on a song. “He’s not just a guy on YouTube who has thousands of hits; he’s a real rock legend,” said Ortiz. “His house has guitars and music awards everywhere.” Even though the track isn’t included on the new album, it’s definitely something to look for in the future.

The band has also switched record labels. Before this release, the band was under the Epitaph label, but band members wanted a new label with the resources to get their music out to more fans. They decided to sign with Interscope records to try and expand their fan base and get more done. “There’s more pressure to meet deadlines for albums and cover work, and you can’t rush art,” he said regarding the change.

As you would expect with a new album, the band has been on tour promoting their new music. Currently, Escape The Fate is on the road with Bullet For My Valentine. The US tour is slated to end in early November, when their new album is released. After playing a few “secret shows,” the band will be off to continue touring in Europe. “The tour’s going well. [Bullet For My Valentine are] pretty cool guys. Today we were told that we had a couple days off because the singer of Bullet was unable to perform.” Although Ortiz would like nothing more than to “spend some time at home with family,” he understands that the tour is part of the release.

Escape The Fate is set to be released on Nov. 2. Two singles, “Issues” and “Massacre” have already been digitally released, and the band is currently playing them live. Robert also said that they are also playing an unreleased track, titled “Day of Wreckoning.” “We have to practice our other songs before we can play them live, but we also want to play the songs that audiences know.”

Another highly anticipated track is “Aftermath (Guillotine Part III),” the third installment of the Guillotine series. The series started with “The Guillotine” on the band’s first record, then “This War Is Ours (Guillotine Part II)” and it is ending with the upcoming “Aftermath (Guillotine Part III).” Put simply by Ortiz, “The song is physically demanding. At one point I had to sit down for hours in the studio to perfect one part.” This is just a hint at how awesome this track is going to be. When asked about the possibility of another Guillotine installment in the future Ortiz laughed and replied, “Maybe a prequel or something? We haven’t thought about writing yet, but anything’s possible!”

Be on the lookout for Escape The Fate’s self-titled. After talking with Ortiz and hearing tracks from the release, I’m sure the record will be well received. With crazy Escape The Fate guitar riffs, demanding drum parts and the captivating vocals, this album is sure to continue on the legacy Escape The Fate is building.

Escape The Fate is out now via Interscope Records. For more info,