Shoreworld: BlowUp Radio Fifth Anniversary, The F Bombers and The Green Parrot Reunion

BlowUp Radio’s fifth Annual “Banding Together Benefit Concert for Spondylitis” November 12, Buddies Tavern, Parlin, NJ

In North America, about one percent of the population ends up diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic disease that causes inflammation in the joints. Ankylosing spondylitis seems to be a “younger person’s” disease as it is usually diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 30, with onset somewhat uncommon after age 40. With many of the affected living right here in New Jersey, it is no surprise that our musicians run to help in the only way they know how, by playing shows in support of those afflicted.

BlowUp Radio founder Larry Seltzer, or Lazlo as we all know him as, has been quietly supporting research for this disease for five years now. His wife suffers from it and he has been on a mission to help put an end to it since that diagnosis. Using his radio station and web-streamed concerts to raise money for research, Lazlo has organized an annual event that features some of the most interesting names in New Jersey entertainment. So for the fifth consecutive year, is bringing together some of New Jersey’s best for “Banding Together: A Benefit For The Spondylitis Association of America.”

“The first benefit we did was a live concert at Buddie’s Tavern,” says Lazlo. “Then we brought the benefit to the world with the online webathons. This year, we wanted to make it a live event again over at Buddies, where people could both see and hear these amazing musicians.”

I have been to Buddies Tavern many a time and it is a great venue for presenting music without the drama of some bigger rooms. Musician and promoter Mike Grau and Lazlo have been putting on shows over there for years and they cater to a style that has resulted in developing quite a following.

Artists scheduled to perform include Black Wine, Eugene DeRobertis (Dr. Void & The Death Machines,) J Orellana (The Tea & Whiskey), Jay Mazeffect (The Break Evens), Jim Testa, Jon Caspi, Jonathan Andrew, Joshua Van Ness, Pete Jager (The Extras, Inc.), Scruff (The Tea & Whiskey) and Val Emmich.

“This is a very personal benefit for me, as my wife, Naomi, suffers from ankylosing spondylitis (AS),” says Lazlo. “I have seen the debilitating effects of this disease and the chronic pain and discomfort it causes. This benefit is the least I can do to help my wife, and over a million others who suffer from AS.”

The benefit will take place Saturday, Nov. 12, starting at 7 p.m. All of the proceeds from the $10 cover charge will go directly to the Spondylitis Association of America to help find a cure. Buddies Tavern is at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ. For more information, go to


The F Bombers

Asbury Lanes

September 28

ASBURY PARK, NJ—The F Bombers are one of those bands that you can watch a thousand times and always find something new to take home from a show. This Asbury Lanes presentation was no exception.

Little Kimmie (Kimpulsive) runs her crowd like a junkyard dog patrols the yard. Loud and proud is her motto and she does it better than anyone on the scene could even dream of doing it. She was joined tonight by Chronic Sick guitarist “Bobby the K” on bass. Bobby brings years of stage experience, talent and personality to that grungy little bowling stage and his comic musings and antics are fuel for the fire in this band.

The F Bombers pogoed through many great tunes off their last disc, Pledge Allegiance, as well as songs off their latest, and yet-to-be-titled CD that should be out before the New Year. Kimpulsive launched into a still-untitled tune with a pure ferocity that The Runaways could only wish they had. The band showed candy-coated intuition, combining delicious pop sensibility with the ballsy delivery of The Dead Boys and The Dolls. Bobby the K and his “one knee out” posing stance balanced perfectly with Kimmie as she dug down deep into dark, three-chord territory.

Other songs that were performed off Pledge Allegiance were the popular “Nothing To Prove” a vehicle that showcases Kimpulsive as a raw-voiced and powerful singer. Great harmonic guitar lines fly high over steady bass and drums as Kim blasts straight down the middle. The “Johnny Comes Marching Home” vibe of “Perfect Storm” brings back traditional, reminiscing feel of The Minutemen, Joan Jett, The Pogues, The Alarm and so many more.

In addition, of course the F Bombers anthem, “Forever Bound,” an ode to self-reliant rebellion, survival and awareness, is always the crowd pleaser. Ballsy and sonic, this song is one that is so good that it is tough for an artist to top. Keep an eye on this band, as they are part of the movers and shakers that keep New Jersey on the musical map.

Besides their own projects, The F Bombers have also been included on national compilations such as Jailhouse Records’ 2010 sampler. For more information, head over to .


The Green Parrot Reunion, November 5 at the Wonder Bar

The Green Parrot was one of New Jersey’s premier rock rooms in the late ‘80s. Over the years, the room played host to many great bands as well as up and coming acts that passed through New Jersey on their way to New York and Philadelphia. In 1987, the club switched gears, moving to original music only and working closely with WHTG in presenting some of the most cutting edge bands of the day. Acts like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Living Colour and Lenny Kravitz graced the Parrot stage. Other cool acts such as Graham Maybe and Bruce Springsteen also made stops at the venue during its heyday.

The room had a decent run and closed its doors in 1990. Unfortunately, when you pass the location now, all you will see is a parking lot. However, that asphalt does not diminish the fact that great things happened on the spot for many of New Jersey’s rock and roll formative years. With the reunion format back in style, what greater idea could there be than to have a Green Parrot Reunion party?

Well, Judi Yaccarino (her family owned the Green Parrot) has answered that question with a Nov. 5 Reunion show at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. Debbie and Lance have always been supportive of everyone in this musical family and they have taken this reunion concept into their establishment in support of the once great room, and the music scene it once supported. Promotion king pin Sammy Boyd is on board to line things up and the bands are a veritable who’s who both in local and national attention.

Some of the original house bands that are on board as of this writing are The Cucumbers, Red House, The Blases, Well Of Souls and Richard Barone of the Bongos. Also on board will be DJ Tony Monte and DJ Freddie Palumbo, two of the original DJs from the dance club days at the Green Parrot. All monies raised will go to Holiday Express, a charity organization dedicated to helping those with special needs.

The show kicks off with doors opening at 4 p.m. The Wonder Bar is on 1213 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets available at Stone Pony Box Office, The Asbury Experience (on Asbury boardwalk) and through