Teenage Bottlerocket: Freak Out!

Freak Out! is the new addition to the Teenage Bottlerocket discography that provides exactly what the band’s fans may be looking for. TBR have a reputation for writing songs about horror, their heavy metal pals, and getting laid, which are all done in a classic ’90s almost surf punk style.

Nothing has changed in the sense that every track on the album has a quick pace to it. Your typical crisp-toned bass picking is evident, which contributes to their classic style, as it synchs nicely with the hard-hitting drums. Harmonies between the two singers, Kody Templeman and Ray Carlisle, soar their way past the other instruments, as the entire mix brings a warm feeling of youth and ignorant romance.

“Punk House Of Horror,” assumed to have its title taken from The Simpsons’ “Treehouse Of Horror,” is a piece loaded with imagery throughout its lyrics. The words fill the listener’s ears with depictions of a place frequented by the filth, drugs, and deviant looking people that society has time and time again deemed as “punks.” Those who value the punk rock lifestyle and all of its various musical forms might find this track very enjoyable.

Teenage Bottlerocket features a quality that not every band in the industry has. Although the genre of music they play has evolved and changed over time, they’ve managed to remain constant throughout the advancements. It’s characteristics like these that keep fans faithful to the band. Freak Out! is the perfect demonstration of that punk rock attitude saying, “Fuck you, we’re not changing for no one!”

In A Word: Timeless