Perhaps there’s just too much that can be said about the new Indian Handcrafts record set to be released Oct. 30. Every once in a while, I stumble upon a release that I don’t have to think twice about when thinking of its fulfillment of accomplishments. This refreshing piece of masterful stoner rock is just that.

Before discussing how great this disc is in sound, I feel it’s necessary to explain how badass the production process went. Exhibit A: drummer Brandyn James Aikins did the tracks with a broken hand, despite his doctor’s recommendation. Naturally he struggled here and there, but that’s when the second piece of greatness came in. Aikin received aid on this record from the infamous Coady Willis and Dale Crover of The Melvins. Although Indian Handcrafts received some help on this one, they still state that they are a two-piece and that is the way they like it.

As far as the sound of Civil Disobedience For Losers goes, it is immaculate. The riffs are heavy and crunchy, yet at the same time everything can be heard clearly. For a sophomore release, this is pretty impressive. There are fleeting glimpses of moments where the bass can be heard more, but it feels as though this characteristic was completely intentional. Vocals just seem to become more indulged with each new track, and their unique touches are amplified nicely.

It would be very hard to come up with even one negative thing to say when it comes to the new Indian Handcrafts album. Sargent House seems to have a knack for signing some very talented individuals, and these boys make the cut nicely.

In A Word: Promising

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  1. Dave Clifford

    Nice review! However, it was guitarist/vocalist Daniel Brandon Allen who had the broken hand. Brandyn, the drummer/vocalist was in tip-top shape, as you can hear on the album. Dale and Coady just added extra drum pizzazz alongside Brandyn’s drumming on a couple of songs.


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