Analog Players Society: Hurricane Season In Brooklyn

Analog Players Society have released their debut full-length album, Hurricane Season In Brooklyn. The group of talented musicians hail from The Hook Studio in Brooklyn. Primarily being a jazz ensemble, there are also present flairs of reggae, pop, funk, and ska. The release is a melting pot of sounds that blend fluidly, with no bumps or train wrecks along the way. The ultimate attractive quality of this group is the raw sound with minimal production.

“I Can’t Wait” (originally performed by Valerie Day of Nu Shooz) is one of three cover tracks on the disc. APS put their own style into it that has a reggae and jazz fusion from the instrumentation of percussion, trumpet, tenor/baritone sax, bass, bells and more with Cecelia Stalin’s vocals soaring use of scat singing. “Money Street Rain” is just over a minute long and is live recorded rain in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This track is strategically placed towards the end of the album and there is something so beautiful and unique of the natural sounds of the rainfall and sounds of tires against the wet pavement. “Just A Day” is an homage to the musicians’ roots in Brooklyn. Stalin graces listeners with more clean, scat singing. The horn work from Jonathan Powell on trumpet and valve trombone resonates sticking with a very traditional jazz sound.

The natural talent that each musician in Analog Players Society revealed on Hurricane Season In Brooklyn is clearly evident. The band features a sound like they’re a group of friends who are exceptional musicians wrapped up with a passion for music that just jam out with each other in the studio.

In A Word: Raw