Yeah, yeah, yesterday was the presidential election. We’ll talk about it next week, but suffice it to say that if you voted for Mitt Romney, you’re a racist. There it is. At least you’re not alone. There are a lot of racists out there.

This week, there are more pressing matters that require attending, namely the fact that our beloved Garden State—yours and mine—got its ass handed to it by Hurricane Sandy. The last week of October. You were there, I was there. We all saw it. Beat up by someone named Sandy. New Jersey, I thought you were tough.

Well, after a thorough beating, nothing provides redemption like a show of resiliency. The cleanup is ongoing, power’s coming back on where and when it can, but there are still a lot of people out and still more need for volunteers and donations of money, blood, effort, more money and space.

Here are a few organizations worth your time and who won’t steal your money and spend it all on booze and ladies of the night:

The American Red Cross

Kind of an obvious pick, but the reason for that is they don’t suck at what they do. They want your blood. You should give it to them.

AmeriCares Disaster Relief Fund

Can help coordinate volunteer efforts or at very least take your money and put it in a decent place.

Jersey Cares

It’s more or less like AmeriCares, but, you know, for Jersey. Easy interface to tell you where to show up and help out.

The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties

If you’re down there or you’ve seen pictures, you know they need help. Find out how/where/when to drop food or volunteer at:

Best Friends Animal Society – Emergency Response

Taking care of pets left behind or lost in natural disasters with a commitment to no-kill.

Occupy Sandy

More geared toward NYC—they occupy everything there—but can help coordinate volunteers and money donations.

NYC Mayor’s Fund

Not that Mike Bloomberg is hurting for cash, but as of press time, the Holland Tunnel is still flooded, and it might be nice to get that open again at some point.


Whatever vehicle you choose to help out, see that you do, and whatever you choose to give, if it’s cash, food, time, give generously. The rest of the country already thinks we’re assholes. No reason to prove them right.

JJ Koczan

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