James Younger: Feelin’ American

James Younger is a singer/guitarist, best known as the co-frontman of Sun Wizard and touring member of The Zolas. His latest solo album, Feelin’ American, is one that fuses guitar styles similar to that of The Strokes and the sound of Tom Petty. He uses a clean tone on most of the songs with the intermittent strumming of chords. Tunes like “Do It Again” and “Quiet Life” are prime examples of this style. This guitar work maintains a bright atmosphere that is both catchy and relaxing. “Here & Gone” and “Never Easy” are two tracks that really stand out. The drums in the beginning of “Here & Gone” bring a large amount of energy to the song that is soon transferred to the guitars. Younger also does a great job transitioning from upbeat parts to slower-paced ones. This is seen on “What Comes After The Weekend,” which also features infectious hooks. The choruses on “Monday Morning” and “Sleeping Alone” explode from the verses and grab the listener’s attention.

“Running Wild” and “Two Of A Kind” both rely on the use of chords and melodic riffs to provide the audience with feel-good tunes. The solo on “We Are Lovers” is exceptionally placed, adding a little spark to the song. It is filled with rhythmic passages in the background as Younger’s voice lays on top. This album is one in the modern rock genre that places an emphasis on catchy hooks that get listeners on their feet. The infectiousness of the guitars reminds me of The Strokes while a few of the songs also point to Tom Petty’s influence. However, Younger puts his own stamp on these styles and creates a collection of 11 groovy songs.

In A Word: Familiar