Potty Mouth: Hell Bent

Northampton newcomers Potty Mouth have gained an unusually strong following since their formation in 2011. Though some of the members have not even reached their 20s yet and have limited to no musical experience prior to the band, they have toured up and down the East Coast, produced one EP, and now are releasing their debut full-length, Hell Bent.

The best way to describe the album is “simple.” However, that simplicity is a major part of Hell Bent‘s charm. The record is carried by bold chords and paired with short, straightforward lyrics which are delivered by Abby Weems’ talk-sing vocals. Overall, the LP makes the listener feel as if they’re sitting in the corner of a garage watching the band as they practice, giving the audience an opportunity to feel very much engaged. This is no accident, as the songs were recorded with the four-piece as a whole instead of tracking each instrument individually in an attempt to capture Potty Mouth’s natural energy.

The newest single off the debut, “The Spins” boasts a poppy, bouncy feel with a distorted guitar riff that kicks in right before a chorus that turns into borderline chanting. “Damage” has lyrics which are darkly personal yet vague, allowing it to be interpreted in the way the listener deems fit.

However, especially as the album comes to a close, the tracks start to blend together. Trying to distinguish certain melodies and hooks from song to song proves to be difficult, and after the disc’s 35-minute runtime, Weems’ vocals start to become tedious and noticeably monotone. Yet Hell Bent has an undeniable charisma to it that will not disappoint their growing fanbase.

In A Word: Charming