Barr began things with a Cohn-like bang when he infamously misled–okay, that is like saying the Grand Canyon is a hole in the ground–let’s say created damnable fiction out of a pre-public Mueller Report, claiming there was nothing to see. Days later, when the damning document outlined several obstructions of justice by the president, it was painfully clear Barr was Cohn and Trump had his personal counsel and the DOJ would act as the corrupt arm of a burgeoning fascist state. That was the good news.

Barr then set about disrupting every ongoing investigation of this president–and man, there are quite a few. My friend Pete from Jersey recently reminded me how it boggles the mind to even contemplate much less accept that a sitting president of the United States had to pay $25 million for defrauding citizens with his phony college and make payoffs using campaign funds to porn stars and his unchecked tax evasion hidden by sequestered tax records, and… well, you know the deal. It is way too much to cover here.

Barr has used his post as law as a way, much like Nixon and his convicted felon AG, John Mitchell, to divert storylines and block the course of justice to better insulate a partisan divide. It is not unlike the national socialist infusion into 1930s German law or Castro’s consolidation of “legal” power in 1959. Anyone with the slightest grasp of political history can see Barr’s power-addled nonsense from a mile away.

Perhaps the best example lies in the end of the previous week when at ten at night on a Friday, the usual cold news time, Barr announced the retirement of U.S Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman. Berman, as we all know now, released a statement the next day refuting this and went on to declare he had no intention of stepping down and cease the host of ongoing cases against Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani’s shadow government shenanigans, Trump campaign finance violations over the Stormy Daniels payments, part of which led to the conviction of Trump’s other lawyer, Michael Cohen, and a deep dive on illegal activates by the only financial institution who would do business with Trump over the past decade, Deutsche Bank.

Former U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman (Photo: Jefferson Siegel for The New York Times)

Barr’s ham-fisted move to force a “retirement” was quickly surmised by Berman as another Trump shell game. Back in February, the same scam was run on U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Jessie Liu. Trump smugly dangled a promotion of a “big job” at Treasury as trade bait for her resignation. One might call this a quid pro quo. Once Liu acquiesced, the promotion was predictably rescinded on grounds that Liu was “insufficiently loyal to Trump”. Embarrassed by Berman’s uncovering of yet another blundering coup, Barr was forced to sack him. Barr sited the President’s wishes as the reason, as only he could fire a federal prosecutor, but Trump, again, unaware of how anything in this government works, claimed it was Barr’s call and knew nothing about it.

As stated above, with poll numbers sinking rapidly, a disease out of control that the President denies is even happening, and Trump taking the side of the fallen Confederacy in the face of millions marching for racial justice, Barr knows the end is nigh, so he is left to operate on a wild-West “who cares?” axiom. Barr and Trump can’t even, nor do they necessarily bother, to give a crap if they even get their lies straight anymore. It is just one overgrown disease equaling a COVID-19-level virus spreading on this flatlining presidency. There are still many months left for this duo to take down the United States. And they are openly showing they aim to do so.

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