Joe Gonzalez

Palace Are Ready to Wash Onto the States’ Shores

They’re here and they’re ready for us… finally, excitedly, and especially next week when they put on shows at Brooklyn Steel and Union Transfer one June 9 and 10, respectively.

Endearing, melodic, atmospheric – these are the words to describe Palace’s newest EP…. and their entire catalog, quite frankly. Leo Wyndham, Rupert Turner, and Matt Hodges collectively make up the British rock act Palace, and while their sound may echo an early Coldplay, their influences range. 

The band formed a decade ago over in the UK and now are attempting to crossover into the United States thanks to existing fans giving them a boost and new fans clinging to their new bluesy alt rock style. Since their audience keeps doubling and tripling in size, and they keep releasing new tunes, we are prepared to give them a warm welcome.

All We’ve Ever Wanted, the latest release from Palace, is an introspective look at dreams and goals, as well as the shortcomings that come to light from them. There are full circle messages in that, and a full circle sound, as they worked with producer Adam Jaffrey from their first album before bringing him onto this project.

The Aquarian’s Robert Frezza sat down with Wyndham and Turner to talk about being a successful trio overseas, their imminent breakthrough, their latest EP, and why the frontman becomes nervous in front of hometown audiences.

How does the band plan to stay true to its roots as you happen to cross into America?

Leo Wyndham: I don’t think that’s really been a thing for us. I think we have tunnel vision in terms of our own sound and what we want… to be true and hope nothing gets in the way of that. It sort of comes out the way it does and evolves the way it does. We wouldn’t want to change our sound for any other audience. 

I hate to compare Palace’s sound, but you remind me of early Coldplay.

LW: We’ve had that a fair amount. Coldplay is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Their first album is an incredible one. 

Were they an influence on you? If not, who is?

LW: Maybe subconsciously, their first album was a little. When we first started Palace, there were a few references we were knocking around. One of them was Jeff Buckley and another was a band called Wu Lyf. I think we wanted a reverb sound. So, we bought reverb pedals, and they were the starting point for our sound. We wanted to make an atmospheric ambience and a romantic sound to our music. 

The new EP, All We’ve Ever Wanted, is based on desires and dreams. Can you tell me more about it?

LW: It’s a snapshot of our band of where we are as a band. The song, itself, is a cathartic way of dealing with things. It’s about one’s hopes and dreams and whether we ever get to achieve our dreams of what we always dreamt of having and often falling short of that. The EP is a look at the future of what’s to come through a fearful lens.

How does this EP compare to your previous works? What’s changed over time?

LW: It’s lots of things. Since the last release, there have been ups and downs and losses. Big personal intimate things happened, as well. That’s some of the things that worked itself into the music. In terms of the sound, we worked with producer from our first album, Adam Jaffrey. We all matured since then. We did this full circle thing and it’s been an amazing experience. The sounds and ideas he brings to the table are unbelievably impressive.

RT: Not to a disservice to Adam or anything, but we weren’t sure if it was going to be as it was before, but it was opposite to that. It’s been a very freeing experience. Everyone had a vision to express within it and it was the most fun I had in the studio. 

LW: We are better musicians, as well. The first album, it sounds great, but we can hear mistakes all over the place. The way we work with each other is so much better.

Can we expect another full length from Palace or are EPs the way to go?

LW: We can’t really say. It’s a slightly secretive thing, but there’s more exciting music on the horizon.

This is your biggest North American tour to date. Can you give any details on it?

LW: We are very excited to get back out there. We have local bands coming to play with us. We also have Human Barbie who is supporting us. We have some amazing visual stuff planned. The venues are just bigger, and we can’t quite believe we are playing these big rooms now. It’s an exciting thing. We can’t wait to see everyone.

Do you notice any difference in the crowds here than overseas?

LW: I say that in America, they’re very passionate, enthusiastic, and vocal. I’m always nervous to play in the UK because they are harder to win over. 

What are you listening to?

RT: PJ Harvey. 

LW: Fontaines D.C. One of the bands we played with called Darling Farm, from Denton, Texas, are an amazing live band and very talented.