Jobs @ The Aquarian

Account Executive
Responsible for soliciting and servicing advertising clients on a weekly basis for publications. Proposals, contracts, added-value incentives and collections of outstanding monies are intrinsic to the position. Love of music, nightlife, pop culture and familiarity with the tri-state area are a must. Energy and self motivation are key factors to your success in this position. Contact Chris Farinas for more info.

Responsible for Mac based graphic design of both advertisements and editorial. Must be proficient in Quark Express, Photoshop and Illustrator. Positions are part-time, two or three days per week. Contact Chris Farinas for more info.

Editorial Interns
Our internships are very hands-on and a great way to get experience in both journalism and the music industry. You will never be asked to get anyone either coffee or lunch. Interns are responsible for securing press photos and album covers for publication, as well as writing show reviews, conducting feature interviews, writing concert previews, and publishing album reviews. There are also opportunities to work on special issue features reflecting your personal taste, the cultural calendar, and our connections to varying teams. You’ll stay up-to-date on events and shows in the tri-state area through building out our concert calendar, being shared on press releases, and even attending for review. Knowledge of music is a plus for candidates, as are writing and phone skills. Contact Debra Kate Schafer for details. (For credit only at the moment.)

Social Media Interns
There is no better way to get yourself seen and heard than through the Internet these days. We get that, which is why our social media interns are all about putting our content, such as feature interviews and concert Spotlights, on the map. Not just our own published work either, but that of bands, artists, performers, and organizations we are working with or admire. (Everything from wishing Harry Styles a ‘Happy Birthday’ on Instagram to posting throwback cover stories on Facebook to linking headlines of ours on Twitter.) If you are creative, personable, and engaging, this is for you. You could be designing posts, scheduling threads on Hootsuite, running contests, playlisting, and working hand-in-hand with our website, tracked analytics, and the music that is new, eventful, and relevant. Contact Debra Kate Schafer for details. (For credit only at the moment.)

Promotion Interns
Assist in organizing, compiling and managing contests and promotional events. Duties include distributing handouts, confirming cosponsors to insure that an event will run smoothly, and setting up equipment on site. You are required to represent the company in a professional manner when talking and dealing with the public. MUST HAVE VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE AND BE ABLE TO LIFT 30 POUNDS. Part-time, hours to be determined. Contact Chris Farinas for more info. (For credit only at the moment.)

Sales/Marketing Interns
Will your career lead you into marketing and sales? Is your education offering you hands-on selling experience? The Aquarian is seeking sales interns to canvas, pitch, persuade, close and service actual potential clients to advertise in its weekly music newspaper. Flexible hours, credit from your school and commission money! Please contact us if this seems right for you. Contact Chris Farinas for more info. (For credit only at the moment.)

As a publication at the forefront of the music industry, the Aquarian is always on the lookout for new and fresh voices and perspectives. If you’re a writer with or without experience, think you have what it takes and are interested in writing CD, DVD or concert reviews, feature interviews or a specific column, hit us up. Contact Debra Kate Schafer for details.