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Ida Maria @ Webster Hall

NEW YORK, NY—Ida Maria’s gruff and tough, and she’s the type of chick you wouldn’t want to accidentally run into in a dark alley—or get trapped in an elevator with. But when she’s up on stage, and you’re at a safe distance away in the crowd, this Norweigan rock goddess shines like an absolute star. While she might have only released her debut record, Fortress Round My Heart, last year, it hasn’t stopped the European songbird from acting like a true professional. While she can, at times, sound like a bit of a tortured soul, who’s either barking, bitching or just generally mouthing off on issues like loneliness, self-confidence and sleeping around, Maria’s funny, she’s got flair, and most importantly, she beams with an I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude that couldn’t have made its way into the music scene at a better time.