of Montreal @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg

BROOKLYN, NY—I’m going to throw a bunch of words out on paper, and I want you to think about how they are all connected. Okay, here goes: Costumes, glitter, pigs, wolf, masks, feathers, sunglasses, cartoons, music and party. Any guesses? I’ll bet you’re struggling to come up with an answer so I’ll make it easy for you. Two words: of Montreal. They’re daring, edgy, over-the-top, and out of this world. They blend pop, rock and dance with a whole heap of crazy, and in some bizarre “of Montreal universe” that the quintet creates on stage, all of these elements blend together perfectly. Well, maybe not all; the topless performers at the end of the gig came as a huge surprise. But overall, of Montreal delivers something pretty unique. Their music is awesome. It’s high-energy, melodic, and by it’s very nature rouses a positive atmosphere and spirit, but the band’s true magic—and the reason why they had three back-to-back, sold-out shows in Brooklyn—is because of their vision as a group, and the wild and entertaining journey they take fans on.