Foreigner: Classic Rock Recollection

Legendary Brit-American rock band Foreigner is taking a break from their United In Rock tour with Kansas and Styx to play the Wellmont Theatre Aug. 26. The masterminds that brought the world hits like “Cold As Ice,” “Jukebox Hero,” and classic love songs “Waiting For A Girl Like You,” …

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The Hush Now: Shiver Me Starships

While listening to Boston troupe The Hush Now, it’s clear they are a band that understands what it takes to make a great album, but don’t quite follow the guidelines. Instead, they make an “okay” album that has the instrumental capabilities of an EP of epic proportions, but in the …

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Of Montreal: False Priest

For their tenth studio album, Of Montreal ventures into the funky and soulful world of R&B wile keeping true to their experimental indie style on False Priest.

Leading man Kevin Barnes takes listeners on stylistic twists and turns as he bounces from the vocal swagger of old school Mick …

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Thieves and Villains: South America

Thieves & Villains have a sense of urgency in exploring musical styles and composition on their second album for Victory Records. Unfortunately, their album begins with flop “16 Hits,” a song which reaches desperately for an anthemic feel and instead, ends up with an anticlimactic arrangement and unenthusiastic instrumentals. As …

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Crosby, Stills and Nash: Gone and Back Again

Since their first collaboration in 1969, Crosby, Stills and Nash have been credited as one of the first “super groups.” The founding members of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and The Hollies together became voices of the Woodstock generation with their anti-war anthems and entrancing harmonies. Crosby, Stills and Nash play …

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AM to AM: All Day Every Day

Jon Schmidt and Will Tendy of New York glam pop/rock troupe Morningwood have created new side project AM To AM by adding three more musicians, pounding bass rhythms, peppy harmonies and slamming guitar riffs. Although there is traditional rock influence in the five-piece’s sound, there is a takeover of contagious, …

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Scissor Sisters: Disco After Dark

Scissor Sisters embody the best of the dance, pop, and rock scenes with their driving synth beats, catchy pop melodies, and Bee Gees-style vocals. The tracks from the quartet’s newest album, Night Work, glitter with new wave-styled guitars over disco back-up vocals and bass grooves, inspired by legendary ‘70s artists …
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Hooray For Earth: Organized Chaos

Boston’s Hooray For Earth play contagious and entrancing dance tunes that compare to breakthrough troupes MGMT and Ratatat. The quartet’s newest EP, Momo, is a sporadic concoction of new wave, indie and hip-hop with tight pop arrangements and a grungy finish, that can easily hypnotize listeners into busting a …

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Bern & The Brights: Swing Shift Maisies

Bern & The Brights have been on the lips of music enthusiasts in the tri-state area with their frequent touring and independent releases. With their newest EP, the Montclair, NJ,-based band explores elements of indie-rock, folk and pop arrangements, veering away from their usual soul influence.

Opening track “Boo” starts …

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The Maine: Theme Park Rock Show

After opening for fellow pop/rock troupes like All Time Low and Rocket To The Moon for two years, The Maine is embarking on their first headlining tour. With the presumptuous title of “An Evening With the Maine,” the Phoenix-based five-piece will perform with openers This Century in support of their

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