The Hush Now: Shiver Me Starships

While listening to Boston troupe The Hush Now, it’s clear they are a band that understands what it takes to make a great album, but don’t quite follow the guidelines. Instead, they make an “okay” album that has the instrumental capabilities of an EP of epic proportions, but in the end, just falls flat with a feeling blasé about the six-track project.

“Big Awesome” and “Pure Gold” highlight this sentiment perfectly, as both hold the solid guitar lines of great rock tracks. “Big Awesome” is heavy and layered, and “Pure Gold” is mystical and flowing with a space oddity vibe. However, what makes both tracks unfulfilling are the weak and somewhat strained vocals. There’s no depth to the melody, making you feel like there is something missing.

The five-piece tries to redeem themselves with “Daedalus Bound,” a fun dance track reminiscent of Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True.” The pop hook is endearing and the guitar syncopation and clunky keyboards require at least a head-bop to the beat.

But finally, the band shines on “Vietnam Giraffe,” with the vocals and instrumentals blending together perfectly. The fun, pop-dance track doesn’t require much vocal range, and with the simple lyrics of “moving and grooving” to accompany it, it makes the perfect single for Shiver Me Starships.

The Hush Now seems determined in their instrumental decisions, trying to make musical arrangements that are lush and intricate, even serious. However, it’s clear that the band fits together more when they follow the fun, laid back format of the second half of the EP.

In a Word: Unfulfilling