Interview with Joel Cummins from Umphrey’s McGee: Stereo Virtues

If Dave Matthews Band and Dream Theater had a child, they would have named it Umphrey’s McGee. If Iron Maiden started jamming with Frank Zappa, the result might very well have been Umphrey’s McGee. If Radiohead was bitten by a radioactive King Crimson, they would have donned masks and jammed …

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Yes: In The Present: Live From Lyon

It’s common practice on live albums to edit out mistakes or wrong notes, and on the tapes from this Dec. 1, 2009 performance (featuring no new songs) Yes—perhaps admirably—didn’t retouch their performance. As a result, the band shows their age on this three-disc (two CDs, one DVD) set.

Though fans …

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Interview with Rafa Martinez from Black Cobra: The Edge Of The Earth

In a genre most often characterized by sparse, down-tempo orchestrations, San Francisco-based doom metal two-piece Black Cobra channel the gods of the riff with thrash-paced incantations of detuned, hardcore-affected anguish. Theirs is a sound of thorough desolation, and their most recent studio album, Invernal, their third full-length, is undoubtedly …

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Interview with Amos Williams from TesseracT: One Love

With their inimitable brand of funky, dynamic and chaotic progressive metal, TesseracT are in the midst of setting themselves apart from their ‘djent’ contemporaries. The U.K.’s answer to Washington, D.C.-based trendsetters Periphery, the band insists on uniting soul and emotion with a polyrhythmic approach to all that is heavy.


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Interview with Bill Kelliher from Mastodon: Natural Selection

Long before their rise from underground acclaim to near-mainstream stardom since leaving Relapse Records in favor of Warner Bros. in 2006, Grammy-nominated Atlanta, GA-based progressive sludge metal road dogs Mastodon have built up and obliterated niche after cozy niche.

With their final Relapse release, 2004’s nautical thrash milestone Leviathan, …

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Interview with Paul Masvidal from Cynic: Shining A Light

Cynic is used to hard times. After forming in 1987, it took them until 1993 to release their debut album, the now legendary Focus. They’ve had their gear confiscated by foreign authorities, they’ve had their practice space destroyed by a hurricane and then, before anyone could take notice of …

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Interview with Jon Anderson: Opening Up

There may be no band more important to the development of modern, virtuosic progressive music than Yes. And, to that end, there is no person more important to the development of that band than their legendary (now former) singer and visionary Jon Anderson.

After being kicked to the curb in …

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Interview with John Petrucci from Dream Theater: Dramatic Changes

Dream Theater have made a career out of capturing the imaginations of musicians for over 25 years. The band’s unflinching devotion to virtuosity and writing behemoth progressive metal albums continues to inspire passion for intricate music in new generations of fans.

Never was that passion more evident than last September …

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Downcast Theory: Downcast Theory

Downcast Theory dig deep into the modern rock canon with a combination of heavy guitars, a vibrant rhythm section and a multifaceted vocal approach on this self-titled sophomore release.

The band effectively shows every side of their sound on the first track, “Forgotten Within.” There’s the first of many creative …

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Andy Vaughan & The Driveline: All Country, All The Time

Virginia natives, Andy Vaughan & The Driveline are bringing their genuine honky-tonk to the Garden State. The five-piece have been on the road supporting their debut album, Long Gone, and will be stopping at Roxy & Dukes on Aug. 14 in Dunellen, NJ. Andy Vaughan & The Driveline returns …

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